Dental Continuing Education

Implant Dentistry Continuum™ offers a comprehensive implant training program, spread across 4 weekends, focused on equipping you with the clinical and technical foundation you need to add implant dentistry to your practice. What makes Continuum so unique and valuable is the way it combines in-depth lectures on all aspects of Implant Dentistry with hands-on workshops. Using specially designed surgical, soft tissue and prosthetic models (including a cadaver specimen) you will sharpen your skills under the watchful eyes of a caring faculty before you return to the office. The result:

  • Continuum provides the fundamentals and the experience you need to succeed – both from the clinical side and the business side. It takes the mystery out of Implant Dentist as everything is carefully explained in detail in a crystal clear, step-by-step fashion.
  • Earn up to 88 CE Hours from these four sessions (CE Credit hours will be awarded based on actual hour-for-hour attendance).
  • Available on a sequenced, convenient weekend schedule to accommodate your busy life and practice responsibilities. This enables you to take the knowledge gained in each session and apply it immediately in your home practice prior to the following session. You can put what you learn to work Monday morning upon your return.
  • You’ll also discover “tricks of the trade” that can save you money and improve your bottom line results when providing this service.
  • Lectures are extremely organized and professionally presented by an accomplished teacher and trainer. They’re comprehensive, informative, and fun. Plus, during each session, you will discuss your office experiences with the instructors, receive additional coaching, and learn additional surgical and restorative skills.
  • Session content provides a consistent approach to implants instead of a scattered approach from multiple trainers sponsored by different implant companies. You will receive practical, usable information, not infomercials.
  • With hands-on workshops, you won’t just sit and listen - you will perform. Using soft tissue and prosthetic models, you will sharpen your skills under the watchful eyes of the faculty before returning to your office. (Plus, you will perform multiple implant and related surgeries on a cadaver specimen.)
  • The experience you gain and the skills you acquire can be life-changing not only for your patients, but for you and your entire team as well. AND this lays a solid foundation for future training on more advanced topics of Implantology.
Course Duration:

8 days - Completed in four separate, 2-day sessions
(See Session Topics Below) -

Course Locations:

Multiple US Cities

CE Credit Hours:


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First Day

  • Historical Development of and Current Scientific Basis of Dental Implants and Osseointegration
  • Patient Evaluation for Dental Implant
  • Step by Step Treatment Planning patients for Dental Implants

Second Day

  • Review of Graft Materials and When to Use What and Why
  • Review of Membranes and When to Use What and Why
  • Step by Step Socket Preservation Techniques and how to recover your Entire Investment in this Program within 3 months just with Socket Preservations

First Day

  • Step by Step Implant Placement Techniques including Drill Speeds
  • Irrigations solutions to use
  • Anesthetics to use and where

Second Day

  • Cadaver workshop performing Implant Surgery by each participant on Fresh Frozen Human Cadaver Specimens

First Day

  • Soft Tissue Management for Implants and Natural Teeth
  • Stage 2 Surgery Techniques
  • Suturing Techniques
  • Pig Jaw Workshop with each participant performing these procedures on Fresh Frozen Pig Mandibles

Second Day

  • Step by Step Implant Prosthetics
  • Impression Techniques
  • The Different Implant Abutments and When to Use What and Why
  • Step by Step Implant Removable Prosthetics Techniques

First Day

  • Getting Patients to Accept Treatment
  • Who to Treat and Who not to and Why
  • Getting More Patients into the Office for Dental Implants

Second Day

  • Implant Complications and how to Minimize or Eliminate them
  • What to do to Manage Complications Effectively
Daily Schedule

We train more Dentists on Dental Implants than anyone else for a reason - Continuum provides a systematic training program to get you DOING the procedures you want. Here’s a snapshot of what you’ll experience when you attend.

  • Registration and continental breakfast at 7:30am
  • Each session consists of 2 intense, productive days from 8:30am - 5:00pm
  • Following each session, join your peers and review cases during our optional Treatment Planning from 5:00pm - 8:00pm. This provides an excellent opportunity to learn, to share, and to build bonds and friendships that will last long after the sessions end.