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    legendary marketing super consultant
    Jay Abraham

    Your Dental Pratice Marketing Makeover Begins Today!

    Held in Miami, Florida July 22-23, 2019 this one-time ONLY experimental “beta” event is designed to literally blow the doors off the marketing, promotional positioning and prominence dentists can achieve. Jay’s round-robin intervention and interaction approach is unlike any other collaborative or masterminding experience. In only a few hours’ time his actionable insights will become yours.

    The continuous hot-seat-formatted discussion focuses on how dentists can multiply their internal and external marketing effectiveness and results by identifying new, powerful high-yield/no-or-low risk additional, or replacement, approaches, strategies and methods that dentists can successfull/ profitably apply – starting the week they return home.

    Jay's Way: What you Will Learn
    • Discover hidden assets
    • Capitalize on overlooked opportunities
    • Identify and correct underperforming activities
    • Reduce or eliminate uner-utilized resources
    • Empower untapped relationships
    But it's More than That...
    Jay also shares implementation basics as well. That means: seeing more patients, generating bigger cases, how to adopt more elective procedures, achieve more prominence (i.e. stand out from the crowd) and gain FAR more prosperity. He examines, explains, evaluates and provides examples of higher and better performing ways to build/multiply practice performance.

    Recognized worldwide for proprietary concepts, Jay is the author of several must-read marketing books, and is the branding brains behind products like Icy Hot, Entrepreneur Magazine, and companies including Bowflex® and Planet Fitness.

    So with approximately $21 billion of profit growth credited to Jay what do you have to lose?
    Invest in yourself
    Ordinarily Jay charges $25,000 to $48,000 per participant for his events (his private consulting is a dizzying $120,000 per day!). But as a personal favor to Dr. Arun K. Garg, a long-term client of his, and his faith in this collaborative mastermind brain trust process, the tuition for attendance is only

    $10,000, a 79% savings!

    The reason is simple. We have some of the highest performing, most innovative, action-oriented dentists in our ranks. YOU – more than anyone else, will appreciate the most, apply to most and prosper the most from all Jay shares. Jay doesn’t like to waste time or expertise on spectators who don’t implement and execute. I promised him you are doers and implementers.
    Sometimes the Best Things in Life Really are FREE
    Enroll now and you will immediately receive digital access to two different $5,000 training programs Jay has done – that apply directly to your practice. You’ll receive both before you attend, to get your mind and motivation in gear for what you’ll experience.

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