Guided Surgery Dental Course

Three-dimensional image generation and computer software analysis are two related fields inexorably linked. Guided Surgery course provides doctors and their staff the skills they need and the confidence they require to take the best 3D pictures possible while minimizing a patient's post-operative pain and discomfort.

In today's tech-centric times, patients expect computers to enhance their lives. That's as true in the dentist's chair as it is in any other medical setting.


Implant Surgical Guides help make implant dentistry a more precise science, improving the odds of a better outcome.

Thanks to the latest advances in computer imaging technology and software sophistication implant guides save time and money. While physical impressions remain a vital tool, 3D imaging is taking implant dentistry to the next level.
2016 Guided Surgery Courses

Blue Sky Bio Guided Surgery

October 29, 2016 - Miami, FL

CEREC and Galileos Guided Surgery

November 18-19, 2016 – Fort Lauderdale, FL


  • Understand the use of computer-aided diagnosis and treatment planning with the Blue Sky Bio software.

  • Learn how to perform a computer-guided treatment planning and the process and the protocol of making in office computer-generated surgical guides (for approximately $50-$65) and per forming computer-guided implant surgery.


  • Digital Guided Implant Dentistry has become one of the hottest topics amongst restorative dentist. Take what you have learned with Implants Seminars to the next level and GO DIGITAL. This course will give you the experience to utilize Sirona 3D Imaging for surgical planning of implants and understand the fundamentals of guided implant surgery and digital implant dentistry. The two-day curriculum will provide intensive review and detailed protocols to fully integrate both Sirona 3D CBCT and CEREC for comprehensive treatment of implant therapy.

  • This course is intended for clinicians who want an edge in provided a digital workflow for implant therapy. Each student will be provided proven and tested protocols for comprehensive digital implantology. Learn from a clinician who was instrumental in developing the integration protocols for Sirona. This two-day lecture will take you from A to Z in all aspects of guided-implant planning using the GALILEOS and the CEREC, as well as a complete understanding all of the different guided implant systems that are available to work with the CEREC and GALILEOS Integration protocol. Clinicians can expect to become well versed in the instrumentation and protocols for guided surgical placement of implants.



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