Live Dental Implant Training

The Live Patient Program takes your skills on the road – literally, proving the old adage that you learn best by doing. Apply what you've learned in lecture in Implant Seminars' Dental Implant Continuum™ and its follow-up, the Masters Series, and have the opportunity to place implants on actual patients.
Designed as an intense, but exhilarating experience, students will have the opportunity to place up to 30 implants and work with Dr. Arun K. Garg's expert staff. Doctors' cases are organized by their skill level so you'll never feel overwhelmed. Just the right degree of challenge that meets with your comfort level. Held in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic in an exclusive facility, the free-of-charge dental services you're able to provide will be changing the life of thousands of patients, transforming a country.

A Travel and Educational Journey Destined to Change Your Life

Rooted in Excellence

On an island nation 700 miles south of U.S. shores, a profound social and medical revolution is taking place.
Each month dentists from around the globe travel to the Dominican Republic to participate in one of the largest and most comprehensive dental education and live patient charitable missions the world has ever assembled.
Organized by Implant Seminars, a leader in continuing education dental courses and hands-on live patient training, dentist are given the opportunity to perform a host of maxillofacial medical procedures, including dental implants, block grafts, bone blocks, sinus lifts, ridge augmentation, ramus blocks, and more. Overseen by Implant Seminars' expert staff, multi-day trips are designed to be intense, exhilarating and highly rewarding experiences.

In a matter of hours dental students place up to twenty implants as patient by patient, procedure by procedure, their confidence soars. Attendees return to their home countries eager to take what they've learned and apply it to their own practice management. The results of such efforts are predictable, but no less exciting: patient volume will increase and enhanced revenue will offset high overhead costs, leading to greater profits. Practices can also dial down procedures that aren't proven revenue generators.

Back in the Dominican Republic, though, profits are secondary to transforming lives. At least once a month some 200-300 patients have their teeth and their smiles restored, entirely for free. Considering the Dominican Republic's robust tourism industry – in the first half of 2014, the country received 2.7 million tourists, a nearly 10 percent jump from the same period last year – the value of a healthy, vigorous smile cannot be underestimated. These simple esthetic improvements can be a Dominican Republic citizen's gateway to the middle class and a chance to embrace new career opportunities.

Two-Way Emotional Impact

Of course, as much as doctors transform the lives of patients, patient success stories have a profound impact on program participants. Many of Implant Seminars' former students report in hundreds of video testimonials (posted below) that their trip was a life-changing experience and one they will never forget, far exceeding their wildest expectations. Think about it: how often do patients give standing ovations to dentists upon their arrival in the office? At Implant Seminars, such expressions of gratitude and appreciation are commonplace.

"These past couple of days here have been phenomenal," said a recent attendee in their video testimonial. "Everything from the setup, arrival, the staff here, the faculty, the instruction – you will have a fantastic experience. …Plan on working, plan on learning."

Patrick Sweeney, DMD

I just had perhaps the most amazing dental experience of my career. The trip to Dominican Republic was inspirational, educational, and lots of fun as well. Because I was stranded in Miami for an extra day, I had the opportunity to meet and better get to know a handful of doctors that I otherwise would not have met. I am blessed to have shared my DR experience with these fine doctors. My time in Santo Domingo was truly enriched simply by knowing these men. I am thrilled and exhausted and still yearning for more out of this program! Working with a dedicated group of volunteers wasn't the only part, or even the best part: the clinical assistants were so very helpful, and the faculty was indispensable. Those visiting faculty members, like Dr. Gary Hughes and Dr. Jim Schummacher, have so much to give--and give they did. I learned something from each of them with every encounter I had, both patient-related and non-patient-related. The lead faculty members were amazing. I could not be the doctor I am today without their educational and professional guidance during the past several days, and so a very special "Thank You" to Dr. Rossi, who taught me early and often--clinically and radiographically--and helped me catch up; to Dr. 'Leo', who provided strong support also, in and out of the clinic; and to Dr. Toro, who unknowingly revealed not only a commanding surgical skill in performing dentoalveolar surgery, but also a capacity to teach it with a deft touch and simple, straight-forward approach. If I keep writing , I will run out of superlatives to explain how I have been affected by this program, but I would be remiss without stating that Cristina is some special person. She followed up with me, and my wife, at all hours of the day and night, as necessary, to get me through; she continued to bolster my experience, and that of every other participant, during the entire trip. She complements Dr. Garg seamlessly. As for Arun Garg, well--words will fall short in describing is enthusiasm, dedication, and ability in executing this program and establishing his Foundation. Thank you again, Dr. Garg. This was and is a life-changing experience. - Dr. Pat Sweeney, DMD

Phan Nguyen, DDS

Words can't express the gratitude I have for what your outreach have done for me. I came to the Dominican Republic with low expectations and very gun shy about placing implants. I have restored hundreds of implants, but have always shied away from placing them thinking only surgeons can place these predictably and safely. That all changed the first day. I was a little overwhelmed entering the school and getting a round of applause from patients lining up the was shocking and emotional. I I here to help them, or are they here to help me? It was both. After the first two three implants placed in the first few hours, I felt at ease. Perhaps it was my partner, perhaps it was my faculty Dr. Dorado, or perhaps my assistant Caroline Guzman....I felt at ease and comfortable with what I was doing...reflecting full thickness flap, estimating drill depth with really bad pans, and successfully going through series of drill to sink in dental implants. All of a sudden, implant placement did not seem so foreign anymore. It felt natural, like prepping a crown or a filling. All I needed was encouragement and some guidance, and I was able to place implants in the proper position not perforating the cortical plate nor the sinus. The faculty are exceptional, as they provided guidance and encouragement without the chest thumping commonly seen in other instructors. I felt they have nothing to prove, they were there to help me , to teach me, to nurture the skills I already have. Towards later in the day, I felt even more at ease, I did not have to ask Dr. Dorado to inspect my work as much. It felt like finishing the fourth year of dental school. The second day, was even more fantastic. The cheering from the patients made me feel like a sports star. They were telling me...go out there and kick some implant ass. Now with my implant restorative background, I analyzed more with details about the locations of implant placement. Where does it makes sense to sink these implants. Should they patient even have implants at all. My partner and I dwell into exploratory surgery, placing full flap and seeing bone quality and ridge width, learning which angles to drill and augment drill angulations to attain proper implant placement. We ended at 9, I sweat so much, I smelled so bad, my back hurt, my leg hurt.....but it felt so good. I was a changed man, more confident in my ability as I can see the potentials I have had all along. The third day, well...I was on auto pilot. Having placed 20 implants in 2.5 days, I felt like I finished a AEGD program. Aside from the great clinical aspect, the camaraderie present throughout the outreach was exceptional. The new friends I met were exceptional. They were all great dentist seeking to make their skills even more fantastic. I never felt out of place, nor foolish asking questions. Everyone encouraged each other to become better surgeons. The dinners you had planned made everyone very engaging. The night outing, I told Maria....I should have paid you extra for. Thank you again for the life changing experience. This was the best investment I have ever made towards enhancing my dental career. Cordially,Phan Nguyen, DDS

Dr. Jason Potrykus

Hello Everyone,
I just wanted to thank everyone for an amazing experience. Not that I would expect anything less from Dr. Garg and his amazingly helpful entourage. Coming fresh out of dental school and starting this whole process has been extremely fulfilling. Thank you to everyone, especially the instructors and Dr. Garg for taking the time to help this rookie. Never once did I feel like people looked down on me because of my inexperience. In fact everyone seemed to go out of the way to provide that extra bit of help. I guess the best part of the whole process has been the friendships created and the fact that I now feel extremely comfortable in doing almost any procedure. The DR trip gave me the confidence and knowledge needed to excel. Who knows, hopefully I'll be able to help others in the same way.

Carla Bustillo D.D.S

"I don't have words to express my gratitude for the change you have made on my career. I feel great after coming back from this wonderful trip, where besides learning so much, we were able to help so many people. I never thought that after just taking your continuum I would feel so ready to start providing this so needed service to my patients. I never imagined I could feel this confident after taking your course. Going on this trip, was the best decision!!! You are surrounded by such a professional team, no detail was left behind, and I'm already signing up for the Masters series and looking so forward for ANOTHER surgical live patient trip as well."

Dr. John Krupka

Hello Everyone,
I have wanted to place implants for several years, but have been scared off by what the oral surgeons would say. I started the continuum course last fall. I wanted to gain as much confidence as I could before venturing on my own. The continuum course gave me core knowledge of implant placement with bone morphology. Going to the live patient course in the Dominican Republic increased my surgical skills and understanding to level beyond what I would have ever gained in my office. Dr. Garg and the wonderful instructors took me from placing my first implant on a live patient to being confident with placing implants on my own. The gratitude of the people we treated was so rewarding. Thank you, Dr. John Krupka

James Kim D.M.D

"This was by far the most valuable program I've participated in during my career to date. It was rewarding clinically because I got to experience lateral wall and crestal approach sinus lifts, ridge splits, and flapless surgery implant placement. It was so rewarding emotionally because the Dominican people are extremely warm, friendly, and truly appreciative of the work we did. It touched my heart to be able to bring this type of care to such wonderful people. I would highly recommend this. Dr. Garg, Chen, and Cha are a wealth of knowledge, and I will put to use what I did and learned this weekend on Monday morning. The confidence to do more procedures is priceless."

Steven Treman D.D.S

In January 2011 I was with a great group of doctors and a fantastic group of support staff that went to the Dominican Republic. I feel great pride with vast amount of procedures we were able to provide, and ultimately enhancing these patient's lives. The bonus for this trip was the ability to perform and learn a variety of procedures from simple to advanced surgical techniques on a large number of patients. Dr. Garg again put together an incredibly talented group of instructors for this event. I came away with new surgical procedures and tweaks on surgeries I was already performing in my own practice. I would highly recommend not only taking the Masters Series, but also going on this mission to the Dominican Republic. I plan on continuing and reviewing my implant studies with Dr. Garg. Thank you Arun for this opportunity to enhance my life and renew my love for Dentistry.
Steven Treman, DDS.

Neil Charaipotra D.D.S

Having never placed an implant before, I definitely had the jitters on my trip down to Santiago, Dominican Republic with Dr. Garg and his extremely competent staff. A live patient course was exactly what I needed, and that is what I got. By the time I left Santiago, was my confidence was at an all-time high. I had the opportunity to place close to 20 implants over a three-day period.
The close supervision I received during my training cannot be matched by any other program. That I am sure of. Besides placing implants, I had the opportunity to improve on all of my surgical skills including extractions, bone grafting, and suturing. Heck, my suturing got so good by the end, I thought about stitching myself a sweater. For those dentists in our group with more experience and needing less supervision, the opportunity for more complicated cases were endless. Aside from the vast amount of experience I received, the less privileged people of Santiago that received all of their care for free were very appreciative of our services. We truly were treated like royalty by everyone we encountered on our trip. Being a third world country, I was really impressed with the overall preparedness and pre-arrival arrangements that were taken care of by Katrina and the rest of the staff.
Probably one of the greatest assets of this course beyond the "hands-on" was the camaraderie developed with other dentists in the group. I was able to learn so much from talking to fellow attendees.
You really have to experience all of this for yourself to truly appreciate what I refer to as "the best hands-on CE ever"!
The greatest piece of advice I would give prospective students is to just do it. I went on this course after attending just the third session of the continuum and never having placed a single dental implant (in a human being at least). Thanks again to Dr. Garg and his amazing staff.

Seth A. Shapiro D.D.S

Few things are as inspiring or motivating as a group of people, many of them strangers, joining together for a common interest. There's no way I could have anticipated what to expect when I boarded the plane that Friday morning. To explain it to family and friends was " I don't know, I'm going to Santo Domingo to do some charity dentistry or something." Little did I know that I was taking the first step up a career changing path. I started placing implants around 4 years ago. When I signed up for Level 1 last year I figured it was a good way to bang out my CE credits and give myself "a little refresher course". I had no idea that first phone call would lead me to the place I am today.
Getting and staying on board with Dr. Garg is easily the most significant decision I've made in my professional career. Going to Santo Domingo was icing on the cake. It's one thing to place a couple of implants and do a sinus lift on a cadaver head. It's another, to spend an entire weekend doing it to live patients.
The techniques and procedures were put forth and taught in such a way that I had to ask myself, "How am I not doing this?" Amazing that I was performing surgeries that less than a week prior would have been quickly referred to the local specialist. As dentists, we are constantly criticizing ourselves: That margin could've been smoother. That implant could've been straighter. Yet, when Dr. Garg asked me after my final procedure of the weekend (anterior ridge split with simultaneous implant placement), "Are you impressed with yourself?" I had no problem saying yes. In fact, the sense of accomplishment was quite satisfying. Furthermore, I was surrounded by colleagues feeling the exact same thing which made it that much sweeter. Most importantly, I left with the skills intact to confidently offer these services to my patients, further establishing myself as a comprehensive care practitioner.
Finally, I loved the evenings when everyone took off their doctor hats and became regular people again. Sharing war stories and getting to know everyone injected a social aspect into this experience which created an interesting camaraderie as opposed to competition. I mean let's face it; How often do you root for the guy next to you? Here however, I found myself reveling in others' success as well as my own.
A heartfelt thanks, which goes way beyond than what can be put into words, to Dr. Garg, the surgical faculty, and THE MOST dedicated, compassionate and competent staff I have EVER had the pleasure to work with, for providing this opportunity to grow and excel both personally and professionally.

Jay L. Ajmo D.D.S

I really want to thank you for the incredible surgical weekend in Santo Domingo. As always, you & your whole team were absolutely awesome.
Being given the opportunity to perform advanced implant surgeries next to you, Dr. Chen & Dr. Cha was truly a life altering experience that I will never forget.
I gained so much more confidence in two days than I ever thought possible. Now I get to bring additional skills home & feel comfortable offering those services to my patients.
Please keep me on your invitation list for future events as I look forward to keep growing as an implantologist.

Carla Bustillo D.D.S

I don't have words to express my gratitude for the change you have made on my career. I feel great after coming back from this wonderful trip, where besides learning so much, we were able to help so many people. I never thought that after just taking your continuum I would feel so ready to start providing this so needed service to my patients. I never imagined I could feel this confident after taking your course. Going on this trip, was the best decision!!! You are surrounded by such a professional team, no detail was left behind, and I'm already signing up for the masters series and looking so forward for ANOTHER surgical live patient trip as well.

James Kim D.M.D

Thanks again for putting on a 5 star CE event. The experience, knowledge, and confidence gained during the weekend was priceless. There is only so much you can learn didactically in a lecture, in books, or in videos. Being able to do procedures like ridge splits, hydraulic lifts, lateral windows, and Chen's patented "Jam through the Gums," clinically was a privilege and words can't express how appreciative I am.
If you are a novice implantologist and are as nervous about laying flaps and suturing as I was, please run to Dr. Garg and beg him to participate at the next event. This was bar none, the best CE event I've ever taken. Also, kudos to your's and Dr. Chen's staff for putting together the perfect weekend.
James Kim DMD

Dr. Arne Von Sternheim

keeping it short, I just wanted to let you guys know that this experience was one of the most impressive ones for me.
I´ve been through several courses like this before, but it never was that pleasant, starting with that awesome welcome at the airport, going over that huge number of patients, the lovely evenings and the sweet staff which never lost patience although they were under heavy pressure and until last but not least the very nice group of attendants which was just a pleasure working with! So congratulations for the perfect outcome!
I´d suggest to rename to
I am looking forward to stay in touch with you guys and I can´t wait for the next course :-)
Best wishes to all of you!
Dr. Arne Von Sternheim
If you are a novice implantologist and are as nervous about laying flaps and suturing as I was, please run to Dr. Garg and beg him to participate at the next event. This was bar none, the best CE event I've ever taken. Also, kudos to your's and Dr. Chen's staff for putting together the perfect weekend.
James Kim DMD

Dr. Frank Arnold

Thank you again for a wonderful experience! You prepared me well.. what a confidence builder! I now love this world of dentistry you've led me into. We could not have had a better team of people.. all put together by you. I want to also acknowledge our patients... what sweet people.. all I saw were smiles and "thank you"s. My staff has never seen me so jubilant upon returning from a dental "event" of any sort.

Robin Rutherford D.D.S

I feel I have learned so much the past few weeks! My drive is to be the best I can be, which is why I will end up with almost 400 hours of CE this year after 300 hrs each of the past 2 years. It is all in cosmetic, sedation, and Implant dentistry and ortho, which are the thrusts of my practice. I especially enjoy surgery, which is why I have been doing impacted wisdom teeth, supernumeraries, uncovering impacted canines to bond onto for my ortho, etc. for 28 years.
However, I only decided to get into implants 7 years ago and I have been looking always for the next and the next course which I felt would enlarge the borders of my 'envelope'. I took Leon Chen's 3 or 4 courses at his office about 5 years ago and felt I learned a lot, but when I heard about your Continuum in Dallas a year and a half ago I thought it would be a good approach to take a continuing series. I learned a huge amount in the Continuum but also realized I was one of the more experienced guys in the room so I upgraded myself to your Masters Series and started coming to Miami (15 times to date!) The quality of your speakers, both in the implant and the cosmetic series, has been astounding. You seem to have connections with EVERYONE that is anyone. I would never have expected to meet people like Craig Misch, Leon Chen, Ronald Goldstein (and YOU, quite frankly.)
When we went to The Dominican Republic I hoped it would be worth the fee, but I thought the chance to work alongside Leon and Jennifer and you held a lot of potential for learning. I saw being done some procedures I was on the cusp of doing in my practice, like ridge splits, and I did several things like lateral windows and sinus bumps that I did not have very many of under my belt. I also was really honored that you allowed me to remove that large cyst instead of doing it for us. I learned a lot from Arne and Lilibeth as well and think you should try to always have them as instructors. It was worth the fee and I will make that back in the next couple of cases that I now can do that were beyond my ability so recently.
Again, thank you for allowing me to begin that ridge split last weekend in your office. I now know that I can do that and look forward to the 1st chance to do it in my office. I have grown so much in the last year and a half from your teaching and the hands-on experiences you have provided lately.
I definitely now think the Continuum and then the subsequent Masters and Power Series are the best choice for someone looking for the best way to go as far as possible in Implantology. You certainly may use this letter if you want to quote me. I owe you a lot!

About our Founder

Dr. Garg's Educational Mission
Founded by Dr. Arun K. Garg, a world-renowned dental educator, lecturer and surgeon, Implant Seminars and its affiliated charity, Fundación Dr. Garg, is dedicated to a pragmatic approach to implant dentistry versus competitor programs that rely too heavily on theory alone. While theory no doubt has its place, Dr. Garg leaves dental theory discussions for classroom settings and not for live patient training. This approach accelerates the learning curve and allows doctors to achieve results and perform procedures they never thought they'd be able to complete.

The D.R. is an amazing country filled with amazing people. As a developing world economy the country boasts a robust tourism industry. Even so, like many nations, the D.R. struggles with income inequality and poverty, with the poorest half of the population receiving less than 1/5 of the country's GDP.

About the Facility
As important as staff credentials are, equally important is the quality of the facility itself, as nothing less than state-of-the-art will suffice. Earlier this year Fundación Dr. Garg began groundwork on an entirely new three-floor facility right in the heart of Santo Domingo's historic district.

Opened in 2014, the new facility runs a fully Westernized dental medical operation. It comes complete with the most advanced diagnostic, patient screening and imaging equipment (donated from around the world) and is overseen by a full-time staff of eight doctors. The facility is also affiliated with a high-end VIP practice where revenue generated from its services assists charity clinic efforts. Additionally, all patients are screened and approved by the Dominican Republic government, ensuring that the best dental surgery candidates have been selected, with the lowest risk of complications.

Program Particulars

Implant Seminars' Live Patient Dominican Republic trips are held throughout the year. Some of them offer surgical specialties, providing doctors the opportunity to focus on specific procedures that will serve them and their patients best. One or more of these topics will be included on specific program dates.
  • Implant placement
  • Lateral wall sinus lift
  • Crestal sinus
  • Ramus block
  • Extraction socket preservation
  • Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP)
  • 3rd Molar extraction
  • Fixed crown and bridge restoration with traditional and CEREC techniques
  • Immediate extraction/immediate implant placement
  • Chairside implant prosthetics
  • Soft tissue grafting/recession defect correction
  • Minimally invasive recession

Implant Seminars Piece of Mind Checklist

While Implant Seminars isn't the first live patient program, it is unquestionably one of the best. In every conceivable way, Implant Seminars and Fundación Dr. Garg goes out of its way to ensure its many programs live up to the standards it sets out to achieve. Unfortunately, in an effort to reduce costs, many competitor programs cut quality too. And by doing so, the risks to program attendees and patients increase. It's a risk you shouldn't have to take.

Before you sign up for a live patient program ask yourself the following questions:
Fundación Dr. Garg
Competitor Programs
1 How will you obtain medical malpractice insurance? Does the program provide it? check-box YES! Implant Seminars provide med/mal insurance checkbox-box NO! Some do and some do not.
2 Is patient volume guaranteed or will you enter a facility devoid of patients? check-box YES! Patient volume is guaranteed. checkbox-box NO! Some do and some do not.
3 Will a major supplier provide barrier membranes or will they be a cheaper, less reliable off brand? check-box YES! Implant Seminars uses only the best membrane materials from the most reliable companies checkbox-box NO! Off brands save money but quality suffers.
4 What types of drill motors will be used? Will any be provided at all? check-box YES! High-powered drill motors are standard. checkbox-box NO! Dentistry without motors is Stone Age medicine.
5 Will the live patient program be housed in a dedicated facility or a rented building not up to American/Western medical standards? check-box YES! Implant Seminars programs are housed in a newly built, state-of-the-art facility - not some cluttered office. checkbox-box NO! Program quality can vary greatly if not run out of a dedicated building.
6 Will the implants placed be universal (generic) or a specific brand? check-box YES! Implant Seminars isn't an infomercial. Learn procedures on universal implants and choose a specific implant brand that works best for you and your staff. checkbox-box NO! Too heavy a focus on specific brands is more about marketing than it is about patient care.