Live Dental Implant Training

The Live Patient Program takes your skills on the road – literally, proving the old adage that you learn best by doing. Apply what you've learned in lecture in Implant Seminars' Dental Implant Continuum™ and its follow-up, the Masters Series, and have the opportunity to place implants on actual patients.
Designed as an intense, but life-changing experience, students will have the opportunity to place dental implants and work with Dr. Arun K. Garg's expert staff. Doctors' cases are organized by their skill level so you'll never feel overwhelmed. Just the right degree of challenge that meets with your comfort level. Held in our Phoenix or Miami facility, the free-of-charge dental services you're able to provide will be changing the life of thousands of patients.

Course Overview

Designed to be an exhilarating experience, students will have the opportunity to work with Dr. Arun K. Garg's expert staff. Takes place at our training facilities where numerous patients will be treated. Through the live patient surgical course you will be able to take your implant surgical skills to new heights with full guidance of our highly trained faculty.

You will get to perform single implant placement cases both freehand and guided. In addition, bone grafting procedures incorporating PRP/PRF.

- Panorex's (as well as PA's and CBCT) available on each and every patient.

- Work two doctors per chair being each other’s co-surgeon

- One of Dr. Garg’s highly trained faculty – one for every two chairs

- Between you and your partner, place 15-20 implants over the 2 days

Attendees will also learn:

  • All aspects of guided-implant planning using CBCT.

  • Each of the various guided implant systems that are available on the market today.

  • The instrumentation and methods used for guided surgical placement of implants.

  • How to overcome anatomical limitations to achieve predictable implant positioning as the foundation for esthetic restoration.

LIVE PATIENT: Phoenix or Miami

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An Educational Journey Destined to Change Your Life

Rooted in Excellence

Organized by Implant Seminars, a leader in continuing education dental courses and hands-on live patient training, dentist are given the opportunity to perform a host of various different procedures, including dental implants, bone grafting, sinus lifts, ridge augmentation, PRP/PRF applications, and much more. Overseen by Implant Seminars' expert staff, multi-day trips are designed to be intense, exhilarating and highly rewarding experiences for both you and the patient. This will be the most comprehensive dental implant education and live patient charitable missions assembled.

Over the course of three career-transforming days, doctors place their own set of dental implants and work in pairs with another doctor on actual patients who have been previously pre-screened, alternating as each other’s surgeon. The program also includes engaging lectures ran exclusively by Dr. Garg with ample discussion time built in to discuss the most common issues that arise in the case-by-case surgeries that you encounter.

In a matter of hours dental students place up to thirty implants as patient by patient, procedure by procedure, their confidence soars. Attendees return home eager to take what they've learned and apply it to their own clinical practice. The results of such efforts are predictable, but no less exciting. Practices can also dial down procedures that aren't proven revenue generators.

The efforts of you performing various dental implant procedures, profits are secondary to transforming lives. At least once a month some 100 patients have their teeth and their smiles restored, entirely for free. The value of a healthy, vigorous smile cannot be underestimated. These simple esthetic improvements can be person's gateway and a chance to embrace new career opportunities and simply enjoying eating again!

Two-Way Emotional Impact

Of course, as much as doctors transform the lives of patients, patient success stories have a profound impact on program participants. Many of Implant Seminars' former students report in hundreds of video testimonials (posted below) that their surgical program was a life-changing experience and one they will never forget, far exceeding their wildest expectations. Think about it: how often do patients give standing ovations to dentists upon their arrival in the office? At Implant Seminars, such expressions of gratitude and appreciation are commonplace.

"These past couple of days here have been phenomenal," said a recent attendee in their video testimonial. "Everything from the setup, arrival, the staff here, the faculty, the instruction – you will have a fantastic experience. …Plan on working, plan on learning."

Implant Seminars Piece of Mind Checklist

While Implant Seminars isn't the first live patient program, it is unquestionably one of the best. In every conceivable way, Implant Seminars and Dr. Garg goes out of its way to ensure its many programs live up to the standards it sets out to achieve. Unfortunately, in an effort to reduce costs, many competitor programs cut quality too. And by doing so, the risks to program attendees and patients increase. It's a risk you shouldn't have to take.

Before you sign up for a live patient program ask yourself the following questions:
Competitor Programs
1 How will you obtain medical malpractice insurance? Does the program provide it? check-box YES! Implant Seminars provide med/mal insurance checkbox-box NO! Some do and some do not.
2 Is patient volume guaranteed or will you enter a facility devoid of patients? check-box YES! Patient volume is guaranteed. checkbox-box NO! Some do and some do not.
3 Will a major supplier provide barrier membranes or will they be a cheaper, less reliable off brand? check-box YES! Implant Seminars uses only the best membrane materials from the most reliable companies checkbox-box NO! Off brands save money but quality suffers.
4 What types of drill motors will be used? Will any be provided at all? check-box YES! High-powered drill motors are standard. checkbox-box NO! Dentistry without motors is Stone Age medicine.
5 Will the live patient program be housed in a dedicated facility or a rented building not up to medical standards? check-box YES! Implant Seminars programs are housed in a newly built, state-of-the-art facility - not some cluttered office. checkbox-box NO! Program quality can vary greatly if not run out of a dedicated building.
6 Will the implants placed be universal (generic) or a specific brand? check-box YES! Implant Seminars isn't an infomercial. Learn procedures on universal implants and choose a specific implant brand that works best for you and your staff. checkbox-box NO! Too heavy a focus on specific brands is more about marketing than it is about patient care.