Oral Sedation Course

The fear and anxiety experienced by millions of Americans receiving dental care is a well-documented reality.

In fact, approximately 30% of the American population needs some form of anxiolysis or sedation to receive dental care and only 60% of these people do well with nitrous oxide sedation alone.

This means that 34 million fearful patients are currently avoiding routine and necessary dental visits*.

Wouldn't you like to be the dentist equipped with
the tools and confidence to treat this population?

  • Practical, up-to-date information you can apply Immediately in the office
  • Engaging instruction using a multimedia approach
  • Interesting and understandable sedation pharmacology
  • A perfect combination of education and entertainment
  • Dental education using applicable real cases

The Art of Anxiolysis in the Dental Office

This two-day course is designed to provide extensive knowledge on Minimal Oral Sedation and Nitrous Oxide in accordance with the American Dental Association's Guidelines for the Use of Anesthesia and Sedation in the Dental Office.

Learn how to take the stress out of dentistry, thereby allowing you and your staff to provide optimal dental care, and expand your practice through quality referrals from patients you can be confident would not otherwise have been treated.

Minimal Oral Sedation:

The Art of Anxiolysis in the Dental Office

Two-Day Course

Miami, FL
November 4-5, 2017

Chicago, IL
May 5-6, 2018

Day One Lectures:

  • Picking the Right Patients: Patient Assessment
  • Understanding the Basics: Clinically Useful Pharmacology
  • Keeping Patients Safe: Physiologic Monitoring
  • Picking the Right Drugs: Inhalational & Oral Sedatives
  • The Perfect Sedation Appointment: Appropriate Protocols
  • Emergencies: Patient Safety and Reversal Agents

Day Two Lectures:

  • Management of patients with bleeding disorders or on Anticoagulants
  • Dentistry and Drug Interactions
  • Common Drugs for Uncommon Patients
  • Herbal Concerns in Dentistry
  • Diabetics and Cardiovascular Patients
  • What's in Your Emergency Kit – and Why
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