Implant Continuum™

For over 20 years, our patented Dental Implant Continuum™ 🏅 has led the way in dental education, providing unrivaled training to tens of thousands of dentists both locally and internationally 🌐

Our Dental Implant Continuum™ comprises four insightful sessions, available at a budget-friendly rate of $360 per month 💵. Virtual options come at even lower prices, and increasing accessibility 💻

Known as trailblazers in dental implant training, our program is frequently emulated but remains unmatched in quality. We set the benchmark not only in program excellence, but also in delivering stellar customer service and offering competitive pricing 💯

With a pioneering spirit, we share our comprehensive curriculum across eight diverse cities nationwide 🗺️. Our unique rotational model changes locations yearly, ensuring greater accessibility and delivering our expertise straight to professionals countrywide 🚀

To ensure utmost convenience for each participant, we offer a robust virtual learning option. This flexibility allows participants to either attend in a nearby city, visit an area they’ve always desired, or engage with the curriculum from the comfort of their home or office 🏡

Our unwavering commitment to convenience, superior education, exceptional customer service, and competitive pricing sets us apart 🌟

Year after year, we uphold our position as leaders in the dental implant training landscape, shaping dental practices worldwide 👑

Our proprietary training methods expertly guide you through the journey of dental implant placement. Regardless of your experience level, whether you’re a beginner or a professional seeking to enhance your skills, our program is tailored to meet your needs 🎯

Our program accommodates a wide spectrum of experience levels. Whether you’re attempting your first dental implant or you’ve placed a hundred, our continuum guarantees to boost your expertise and confidence 🔧

Start your journey with us and witness the transformative power our Dental Implant Continuum™ can have on your practice and your patients’ smiles 😁.


4 separate, 2-day sessions ⏰🗓️


Miami, FL, Los Angeles, CA, or connect virtually from anywhere in the world 🌍💼



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