Masters Series

Elevate your dental career to extraordinary heights with our trademarked and exclusive program: the Masters Series🏆

This truly unique program sets a new standard in advanced dental implant training and takes you beyond ordinary boundaries. 

Ideal for those already placing dental implants but desiring to tackle more complex cases, or those looking to optimize the success rates of their current procedures, this unique program is the one to take. It’s the ONLY program available that blends all these procedures and techniques, presented in a user-friendly format, bolstered by exceptional program content, sterling customer service, and unbeatable value 🌟💎

Immerse yourself in an in-depth exploration of advanced dental implant procedures. From bone physiology and bone harvesting to principles of bone grafting, ridge spreading, and splitting, PRP/PRF, lateral and crestal sinus lifts, bone plates and blocks, soft tissue procedures, guided surgery, immediate placements, and beyond, we cover it all 🧪🦷🔬

Unleash the full potential of your learning experience with our hands-on workshops 🙌

These sessions empower you to practice over 12 different surgical procedures on cadaver specimens. 

Each technique is meticulously taught step-by-step, designed to equip you with the skills to achieve exceptionally high success rates in your practice. 

Enhance your capability to treat patients needing additional bone height, width, or both. This program empowers you to confidently take on the most challenging cases, significantly broadening the services of your practice 🏥🎯

Want to achieve better healing, faster recovery times, and improved osseointegration in your current cases? This course is a game-changer! 

Our unique proprietary techniques can significantly enhance patient outcomes and boost your practice’s success rate 📈💪

Experience our immersive program in the vibrant city of Miami, FL 🌴 or virtually from your home or office 💻

Spread across four enriching two-day sessions over 4-6 months, our program’s structure allows for paced learning, ensuring you have adequate time to absorb, apply, and refine your skills without feeling overwhelmed ⏳📘

Are you ready to rise to the top, minimize or end referrals, and truly master the art of dental implants and related bone grafting procedures? 

Driven by Dr. Arun K. Garg’s unrivaled teaching style and speaking abilities, our Masters Series is tailor-made for your success! We arm you with the tools you need and boost your confidence along the journey 🎓🌟.


4 separate, 2-day sessions ⏰🗓️


Miami, FL, or connect virtually from anywhere in the world 🌍💼



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