“Love the material presented and the comradery of doctors here!”

N.E – South Holland, IL

“Highly recommend it, very informative and useful. I feel confident to try new techniques! “

N.B – Redmond, WA

“It is by far the most vigorous and practical course I have been to.”

N.Z – Hammonton, NJ

“Excellent course! I am able to go back Monday morning and implement everything!”

D.K – Trinidad

“Dr. Garg’s courses are amazing. He does a great job of presenting the materials”

S.S – Elgin, IL

“Dr. Garg is the the best implant educator I have found! “

M.S – LA, California

“If you want to learn how to safely place implants, this is the place!”

G.W. – Raleigh, NC

“great course”

K.A. – Westfield, NV

“Amazing experience, captivating speaker. I can see growth in my practice on a daily basis”

G.O. –Flushing, NY

“Great course. Looking forward to hands on”

D.P. – Huntington, NY

“Informative course”

M.K. – Port Jefferson, NY

“The single best financial investment I’ve made in my entire life. My #23,000 investment will net me about $2-3 Million in the next 7-10 years! Wow! Thanks!”

J. S. – Wexford, PA

“If you want to learn how to safely place implants, this is the place!”

G.W. – Raleigh, NC

“Amazing instruction & support system! It’s Sunday evening & I can’t wait to get home & plan more cases!”

J.C. – Cleveland, OH

“Very realistic and uncomplicated discussions”

J.F. – New York, NY

“Worth the time and money investment to change your practice”

G.L. – Camillus, NY

“To take a different course, one THAT is more organized and more succinctly presented”

E.T. – Bryn Mawr, PA

“great theory course”

M.A. – New Providence, NJ

“Great program. Lots of good learning and understanding one’s short coming”

S. L. – New York, NY

“I recommend this implant course to everyone!”

B.V. – Rochester, NY

“This is a great course! I highly recommend it!”

M.V. – Rochester, NY

“Great programme to introoduce clinician to implants. Well organized and presented. Many great concepts.”

V.R. – Trinidad & Tobago

“Great & supporting atmosphere”

J. D. – New York, NY

“Excellent didactic & Hands on training for implant dentists.”

M.F – North Adams, MA

“Excellent course. Dr. Garg relates to GP’s and streamlines surgical & prosthetic aspects of implant dentistry. I have 100 % more confidence than when I started.”

S.S. – Pearl River, NY

“Thank you Dr. Garg for giving confidence beyond only doing restorative procedures. Can’t wait to attend live course in January. Thank you.”

N.S. – Ruthenford, NJ

“Excellent course, very informative even for me as an associate. Can’t wait to incorporate it into my own practice.”

J.P. – Philadelphia, PA

“Excellent – Don’t hesitate to take course”

S.B. – Orangeburg, NY

“Great course. If you are not placing implants, then you will gain the knowledge and confidence after this course.”

R.W. – Huntington, PA

“This class was worth every minute and penny of investment. I couldn’t recommend it more highly.”

A.P. – Belfast, ME

“This is my second of four sessions, but Dr. Garg is an engaging speaker and the education and hands on portion are exactly what I was looking for to go home with confidence”

C.B. – Eugene, OR

“Great course!! Really puts placing implant in perspective for the general practioners”

S.M. – Wasilla, AK

“Excellent course. Dr. Garg is real and eager to train and for us students to succeed.”


Dr. Garg is an exceptional educator who has helped me grow my practice and made me excited about dentistry again!

J.A. Clarkston, MI

Dr. Garg this course has been very energetic and excellent and will be able to implant right away and has changed my professional life forever. Thanks!

D.S. Flower Mount, TX

I probably enjoyed this session the most because I felt like it gave me the best tips to implement.

W.R. Mcloud, OK

If Dr. Garg can teach a country boy from NW oklahoma to confidently place implants. He can teach you to be confident also.

R.H. Woodward, OK

This program opened my eyes to the huge potential in implant dentistry and very efficient ways to tap into that potential.

A.D. Bryan, TX

Dr. Garg is very knowledgable and he has a great sense of humor. I have learned a lot and I feel confident to continue with surgical implants.

A.M. Dallas, TX

Awesome course, right amount of information to place implant at beginner level. I am excited and looking forward to implant journey.

N.S. Visalia, CA

Implant continuum has been a great learning platform and has helped me to prepare for the next stage in my cases.

N.V. Kopal, TX

Dr. Garg is a fantastic educator, genuinely concerned about doctors staff, and patients who will be treated.

P.B. Front Royal, VA

Best CE i have ever taken.

N.P. Chandler, AZ

Great program

T.L. Farmington, MI

I’m excited to start offering implants to my patients, to be placed in my office!

J.H. Bloomington, IL

Great course.

T.M.S. Greenwood, SC

Excellent! Tons of information that can be used immediately. Loved your staff. They make this experience the best!

K.H. Worthington, OH

Great program. Doctor Garg will teach you techniques that you will implement immediately in your practice.

A.A Washington, DC

Good Course.

J.E North Fort Myers, FL

I believe what I have learned in this course will be a game changer for my practice.

C.L Cottage Grove, MN

Overall, this was a great presentation. I would like to incorporate more of the techniques learned to grow in my practice.

R.M West Melbourne, FL

Excellent … Looking forward to session more!!!

L.F. Ontario, Canada

The lecture alone gave me incredible confidence

S.L. Naples, FL

Great C.E without the marketing fluff

B.M. Albany, GA

Great Program. Real world practical skills taught

J.P. Schaumburg, IL

Exciting course, very informative!

B.S. Bahamas

Very comprehensive, starts from foundation and establishes all principles clearly. Makes following very easy.

D.M. Trinidad and Tobago

Excellent with pertinent information for the daily practice

R.D. Englewood, CO

Awesome, this is the real deal and great learning experience

I.K. Red Bluff, CA

Extremely informative, sequential and geared towards hands on practice

T.N. San Francisco, CA

This class gets you so excited about implants, you want to do it for everyone even pro bono

L.L. San Francisco, CA

This is a terrific course!! Strongly recomended

L.L. Towson, MD

Good stuff, Thanks!

G.M. Anchorage, AK

Thank you for the knowledge and confidence you are giving us.

H.A. Trabuco Canyon, CA

Awesome. Top quality education.

J.L. Foothill Ranch, CA

Very good program.

P.W. Denver, CO

Comprehensive, Great experience!

A.H. El Cajon, CA

Great Course! I felt like I was able to start implementing procedures right away. Dr. Garg is very knowledgeable and able to relate to the general dentist.

J.A Highland, Utah

Excellent! Rewarding and enriching educational experience. Great practical skills you can implement right away.

M.P Los Angeles, CA

I wish I had known about this education program about ten years earlier.

N.P Arcadia, CA

No nonsense to socket presentation! Implant Dentistry.

J.L Foothill, CA

I now realize and understand the reason behind a lot of stuff that we do in socket preservation, Thank you!

A.A.M Mission Viejo, CA

Wonderful communicator/teacher. Thank you.

A.S Camarillo, CA

Wonderful class, very educational with no sales pitches.

R.T. Gray, TN

Thanks for the systematic approach and systems in place to help myself organize my staff with implants.

S.A. Boone, NC

This course has given me so much confidence and renewed my excitement about dentisrty. I’m looking forward to the live patient program.

S.J. Midland, NC

Dr. Garg gives the basics. He covers all systems and isn’t tied to a company. I will attend again.

M.P. Bishopville, SC

Dr.Garg is an educator with great charm, knowledge and energy. He cares that his students succeed. I loved it! Super class!!

M.T. Aberdeen, WA

Changed my whole prospective about implant dentistry, what an art if done correctly, with principals and service to patients. With out this course, could not be better ready for my patients. Thank you Dr.Garg, for all your hard work and your passion to pass the knowledge to us and stand by us for the rest of our careers.

M.M. Puyallup, WA

Reputation is everything in this industry, Dr.Garg lives up to his reputation. Outstanding continuing education experience.

N.L. Portland, OR

Great comprehensive class on implantology.

R.K. Portland, OR

Best course I have ever taken so far, Dr.Gargs background in implantology cannot be duplicated. Many implant myths were cleared up.

B.B. Chaleshilm, AB

Good contact from much experienced doctor (clinically).

J.B. Bellevue, WA

I’m always a bit of a skeptic, but Dr.Garg was excellent at foundational truth and studies to build a logical approach. Thank you!

L.B. Eagle Point, OR

This is the course every dentist should take if interested in providing implant services and socket preservation.

L.L. Towson, MD

Great Lecturer!

K.W. Washington, DC

Great Lecturer!

K.W. Washington, DC

Packed with useful information.

B.M. Lynchburg, VA

Dr. Garg is amazing. I loved his course and would really recommend it.

D.C. Chickasha, OK

Great & exceptional speaker with systematic protocols. Relative to general practice with concepts that can be applied.

H.N. Fairfax, VA

I have surgically placed implants for over a decade. There are still bits of valuable information to enhance your arsenal.

K.G. McLean, VA

The course is very frank, and comprehensive. I’ve bought the materials before the course so I am ready to begin on Monday!

J.M. Moscow, PA

If you’re thinking about doing implant, excellent training to get you started. If not going to place implants its good information to know.

E.S. Ellicott City, MD

I recommend this program to anybody who wants to learn about implants.

N.A. Camilus, NY

I am confident that this will be the most influential course I have ever taken.

S.P. Austin, TX

I should have done this sooner!

T.W. Washington, DC

Excellent program that provides steps you can implement immediately in your practice. Great!

S.V. Royal Oak, MI

The best course to walk through Implantology, from basics to the remedial, all you need in one research proven Methodology.

L.K. Minot, ND

Very informative! Excited to start my implant career.

A.M. Woodbury, MN

Excellent seminars, the hand on – you can see what under the jaws.

B.K. Chicago, IL

Great course. Dr. Garg is a great speaker.

J.A. Windfield, IL

Great program.

T.L. Farmington, MS

Every session leaves me more excited and confident to begin placing implants.

D. G. Overland Park, KS

Good seminar.

D.P. Barrington, IL

One of the best CE continuum I’ve ever taken (32 Years).

J.O. Louisville, KY

Excellent course! Instructor takes the time to thoroughly explain the concepts and impart the wisdom.

D.H. Cottonwood, AZ

Best CE I’ve ever taken.

N.P. Chandler, AZ

Great Lecture!

G.K. Phoenix, AZ

Course to the point, love the cadaver workshop!

P.S. Medina, OH

Course was good, workshop (cadaver) was great!

H.S. Bloomington, MN

It’s a wonderful experience for me. You help me make a big jump over the uncertainty to move on to do more surgery. You were not afriad to try all marketing strategies.

T.N. Rush City, MN

I was very happy with this course. I would recommend it to my peers.

A.S. Chicago, IL

I feel much more prepared to place implants now.

C.B. Effingham, IL

Presentation of complex subject in a practical manner without outside sponsor influence.

R.B. Spring Park, MN

Amazing seminars! Dr. Garg was easy to talk to and truly cares about the success of his students. Thank you!

S.A. Chicago, IL

Dr. Garg is best. All the staff is very helpful. You guys are my extended family now.

N.A. Chicago, IL

Valuable, current information that immediately pays for itself. Best continuing education Ive attended since dental school.

J.S. Albany, MN

Best CE I have ever taken.

N.P. Phoenix, AZ

Opened my eyes to a lot of marketing strategies.

A.M. Woodbury, MN

Great job! Highly recommended. You can implement and make money Monday morning.

S.V. Royal Oak, MI

The best continuing dental education I have taken in my 23 years of being a dentist!

T.B. Elkhart, IN

Thanks for a great experience. I learned a lot more than I imagined i would. Very enjoyable course.

R.R. Devils Lake, ND

A world-class program by a world-class instructor.

D.W. Michigan City, IN

I now feel confident that I have gained knowledge needed to continue to grow as a dentist in the implant field.

T.S. Brookfield, WI

Such an amazing course. One that i will be recommending for any colleague to take that is interested in implantology.

B.S. Milwaukee, WI

Great course to gain education and confidence to start implantology.

J.L. Marion, Iowa

Thanks for a great learning experience.

R.S. Chicago, IL

Great job of supporting and encouraging the attendees to improve and do this work.

H.E. Chicago, IL

I had been told Dr. Garg was the best by a fellow dentist who had been in numerous programs. I’m glad he did the footwork for me as I feel I got to know it all now.

J.R. Chicago, IL

Dr. Garg is excellent, will recommend his courses to all my colleagues.

J.O. Louisville, KY

Dr. Garg is practical and clinically based presentations that any motivated dentist can apply immediately.

P.B. Front Royal, VA

Great step by step approach to implant placement, cadaver was great model for implant placement.

D.E. Alexandria, MN

This was very informative seminar.

M.S. Millburn, NJ

The best course ever.

U.A. Potomac Falls, VA

Great course; Best decision I’ve made in years!

T.W. Washington, DC

Best continuing education I have attended.

N.A. Camilus, NY

Great program. Looking forward to Dominican Republic.

J.W. Columbia, SC

Implant seminars was probably the best CE I have participated in to date. They do a great job of presenting the information so that you can easily follow + give you great confidence to grow with dental implants.

J.B. Hagerstown MD

A great course, exceeded all my expectations. Extremely widens your spectrum of skills and knowledge

P.S. N. Attleboro, Massachusetts

Fantastic course with all the fundamentals and systemic approach without influences from sponsors.

H.N. Fairfax, VA

Dr Garg’s continuum will empower you to confidently and successfully incorporate dental implants into your dental practice.

R.L. Germantown, MD

I have been to several courses on implants and this is by far the best and most useful.

H.T. New Market , Md

Dr. Garg is an energetic and passionate speaker. His courses are top notch.

J.J. Fredonia, NY

I loved the material, the presentation and being able to be with other dentists.

M.M. Sugar Land, TX

I am so happy that I have started taking the Garg courses. It has built my confidence and allowed me to really enjoy practicing!

L.D. Burnt Hills, NY

Loved it!

J.P. Lathrop, CA

The best educational experience ever!!


The single most important CE course that I have taken that will immediately change my practice + life forever. Thank you Dr Garg + company.

S. P. Austin, TX

This course has increased my confidence level in placing and restoring implants. Taking the implant course soon and very excited

J.S. Charlotte, NC

Course has been very informative + great practical knowledge. Certainly lived up to all expectations + value.

T.L. Huntington Valley, PA

Dr Gargs course has enabled me to take my practice to the next level. With 80-100 implants under my belt i feel very comfortable and confident. Thank you Dr Garg for the wonderful course.

N.M. Quincy, MA

This course has been great! It got me very excited to incorporate implants into my practice. This course has been full of very practical information that can be used every day.

B.J. Marshall, MN

Excellent course, has given me a new excitement for getting implants incorporated into my practice.

D.E. Alexandria, MN

Implant seminars was probably the best CE I have participated in to date. They do a great job of presenting the information so that you can easily follow + give you great confidence to grow with dental implants.

J.B. Hagerstown MD

A great course, exceeded all my expectations. Extremely widens your spectrum of skills and knowledge

P.S. N. Attleboro, Massachusetts

Fantastic course with all the fundamentals and systemic approach without influences from sponsors.

H.N. Fairfax, VA

Dr Gargs continuum will empower you to confidently and successfully incorporate dental implants into your dental practice.

R.L. Germantown, MD

I have been to several courses on implants and this is by far the best and most useful.

H.T. New Market , Md

Really looking forward to the future and placing implants.

K.F. Myersville, MD

I think that i always wanted to know how to place implants as well as hard and soft tissue grafting and Dr Gargs course put it all together for me.

J.C. Schuylkill Haven, PA

Great updated course with supportive systematic approach to implants honest speaker with supportive evidence and affordable for quality patient care.

H.N. Fairfax, VA

Great course for getting a solid foundation on the basics of implant placement. I’ve learned more then i expected.

E.W. Washington DC

Great course!!!

T.W. Washington DC

This is by far the most comprehensive and best dental CE course Ive taken in 20 years of being in the profession. Outstanding!!

K.B. Cheesapeake, VA

Dr Garg has it all! He makes the world of placing and restoring implants simple, practical and attainable to the average general dentist. What a great service to our patients.

P.B. Front Royal, VA

This has been one of the best courses Ive attended. Dr Garg breaks everything down so well you gain confidence and excitement to tackle implants.

B.B. Hagerstown, MD

Because of Dr Gargs many yrs of experience, hes able to cut to the chase which will save you time and money.

G.S. Ellicott City, MD

Great material and presentation. Learned a lot.

T.S. Manassas, VA

Best CE course ever.

R.C. Midlothian, VA

Great learning experience!

D.C. Columbus, NC

This was a good course

M.S. Millburn, NJ

Such an encouraging program. The mixture of hands on + lecture is perfect. I have started extractions + bone grafts since taking the first session. I had been referring all

T.H. Morrisville, NC

Great informational course!

J.C. Rochester Hills, MI

This has helped me gain confidence to place implants.

K.F. Myersville, MD

This shit was off the chain! Garg was blowing minds left and right. Boom!

A.B. Hagerstown, MD

Dr Garg is down to earth despite his wealth of experience. He understands the concerns of a restorative dentist and techniques necessary to go from treatment planing to final restorations.

P.J. Siloam Springs, AR

Great course, soft tissue management hands-on training very helpful and informative

D.E ALexandria, MN

Dr. Garg’s courses are amazing. I always leave with so much valuable information that I can use on Monday!

M.M. Cape Coral, FL

Dr. Garg has a simple way to talk and teach that we don’t get tired of learning.

K.P. Orlando, FL

As always, Dr Garg gives great information to review basics and improve techniques previously learned. Definitely a course I would really recommend to any dentist looking to learn the basics and become proficient in dental implants.

M.L.C. Lakeland, FL

Dr. Garg is great. Very knowledgeable, humorous and approachable. I am know this course will help me get over my initial hesitation to place implants.

F.H. Daytona Beach

Dr. Garg demystified implant dentistry and provided me with the confidence to start placing implants.

J.C. Schuylkill Haven, PA

The material in this course is amazing. Dr. Garg has simplified it so anyone can apply it in their practice. His staff is amazing + go above and beyond to make the class both helpful and enjoyable.

M.S. Sneads Fairy, NC

The absolute best, most down to earth, well supported with good results and firm learning I have ever experienced. It’s a real pleasure.

C.P. Winter Haven, FL

Excellent opportunity to learn and do.

L.A. Cape Coral, FL

Great course. I’m glad there’s someone out there teaching us all the “right” stuff that works.

D.B. Orange Park, FL

It will help me grow my practice to offer implants to patients

K.H. Mount Dora, FL

I appreciate the transparency in relating Dr. Garg’s history and journey.

P.B. Columbus, OH

One of the best CE lecturers I have attended in terms of interest, material, + ROI.

N.P. Chandler, AZ

Great Course

J.A. Windfield, IL

Awesome class

A.N. Chicago, IL

“Presentation was awesome, and never boring” !

S.D. Peoria, IL

A common sense approach to the entire subject. Stating what works, what does not, what some things cost, what they do, substitute lower cost items that may not work. Most all information is very easy to understand. Bravo.

R.B. Spring Park, MN

Dr. Garg is an amazing speaker with a proven track record in the field of Implants / Bone Grafting.

N.R. Chicago, IL

Thorough explanation of bone graft, implant, post-op management.

D.Y. Peoria, IL

Great course after only the first session. Dr. Garg provides actionable, practical education on implant procedures you can implement in any office immediately.

S.V. Royal Oak, MI

Very interesting lecture, instructor is good at keeping my interest.

A.S. Mundelein, IL

Dr. Garg is practical and clinically based presentations that any motivated dentist can apply immediately.

P.B. Front Royal, VA

Great step by step approach to implant placement, cadaver was great model for implant placement.

D.E. Alexandria, MN

This was very informative seminar.

M.S. Millburn, NJ

The best course ever.

U.A. Potomac Falls, VA

Great course; Best decision I’ve made in years!

T.W. Washington, DC

Best continuing education I have attended.

N.A. Camilus, NY

Great program. Looking forward to Dominican Republic.

J.W. Columbia, SC

I have been to several courses on implants and this is by far the best and most useful.

H.T. New Market , Md

Dr. Garg’s continuum will empower you to confidently and successfully incorporate dental implants into your dental practice.

R.L. Germantown, MD

Fantastic course with all the fundamentals

H.N. Fairfax, VA

A great course, exceeded all my expectations. Extremely widens your spectrum of skills and knowledge.

P.S. N. Attleboro, Massachussets

Implant seminars was probably the best CE I have participated in to date. They do a great job of presenting the information so that you can easily follow and give you great confidence to grow with dental implants,

J.B. Hagerstown, MD

The single most important CE that I have ever taken that will immediately change my practice and life forever. Thank you Dr Garg and company.

S.P. Austin, Tx

This course has increased my confidence level in placing and restoring implants. Taking the implant course sun and very exited.

J.S. Charlotte, DC

Course had been very informative and great practical knowledge. Certainly lived up to all expectations and value.

T.L. Philadelphia, PA

Dr gagrgs course has enabled me to take my practice to the next level. With 80-100 implants under my belt i feel very comfortable and confident. Thank you Dr Garg for the wonderful course.

N.M. Quincy, MA

This course has been great! It got me very excited to incorporate implants into my practice. This course has been full of very practical information that can be used every day.

B.J. Marshall, MN

Excellent course, has given me a new excitement for getting implants incorporated into my practice.

D.E. Alexandria, MN

One of the best lectures I have attended. Adequate for everybody. Sin importar el grado de experiencia del estudiante.

N.M. Melbourne, FL

Most practical, non-intimidating series of courses I’ve taken. I’ve been placing implants since 1987.

W.M. Okeechobee, FL

Course is engaging, and informative. Dr. Garg does an excellent job teaching the practical application.

J.B. Soldotna, AL

Makes implant dentistry easy to understand.

E.P. Miami, FL

Very informative and entertaining 🙂

D.B. Miami, FL

Dr. Garg is great. He presented info in a great manner.

M.N. Dallas, TX

Very Satisfied!!!

I.L. Miami, FL

Excellent presentation, and up to date content.

J.C. Winter Haven, FL

I went from being scared to death after the first class to feeling like,”bring it on”, the final class. Thank you Dr. Garg.

K.A. Devils Lake, ND

Fantastic, well organized course with great supporting texts. Looking forward to Live course.

J.M. Columbus, GA

Wonderful class taught by one of the top experts in implant dentistry. Reasonable price, and great staff.

R.A. Woodstock, GA

Fantastic program teaching the fundamentals and having multiple ways to further that education.

R.S. Atlanta, GA

Have anyone interested in an Implant Program call me, the best common sense based program out there.

R.E.L. Dallas, GA

I think this is a great course for Dentists looking to place implants. You get all the basic information you need to begin. The instructors are even there for you after the course if you have questions, or need advice on treatment.

M.T. Tuscaloosa, AL

Very thorough, yet practical approach to incorporating implants into my general dental office.

R.P. Newnan, GA

Can ‘t say enough good things about this course. Looking forward to Live Patient course.

R. R. Destin, FL

I really loved the course, and look forward to the Live Patient.

S.P. Newnan, Ga

Very informative course, made simple. Didn’t feel like I was sitting in Pharmwell. Great experience.

H. S. Georgetown, MA

Keep up the great work!

E.B. Leominster, MA

It was very excellent information and slides were great felt confident to start sedation in my practice.

S.D. Bedford, NH

This was a great course! It broke minimal sedation down into an easily understandable & doable protocol. I wish I took it sooner!

L.D. Burnt Hills, NY

Very informative course and learned valuable information.

R.P. Lowell, MA


J.A. Hancock, NH

A must course for anyone hoping to incorporate sedation in their practice.

J.Y. Tyngsboro, MA

Very informative and condense

S.Z. Gloucester, MA

It was a great course, easiest class to stay awake, both instructors were excellent.

G.M. North Adams, MA

Thank You!

J.M. Dover, NH

The instructors are extremely well qualified in the Oral Sedation field. The handouts were superb & very genuine.

T.K. Austin, TX

This program has given me the confidence and knowledge to place “green light” cases in my own practice. I no longer feel blind going into any implant situation. Thank you!

J.B. Blackburg, VA

Before taking this course I was ready to leave the practice of dentistry. Now, I am renewed and ready to conquer the world.

C.S. North Augusta, SC

His knowledge and experience are awesome- but his style and sense of humor really kept me attentive.

D.B. Wilmington, NC

I am pumped up to make my practice grow.

T.H. Davidson, NC

The best most informative program I’ve taken since Dental school. Dominican Republic trip was the best.

S.B. Kings Mountain, NC

The best CE I’ve ever taken, every course loaded with information I can use next day. Thanks Dr. Garg.

B.B. Kings Mountain, NC

Great Course!

R.P. Newnan, GA

This is the best course ever attended and I am nearly 70.

M.K. Madison, AL

Dr. Garg does a great job, real good stuff, no FLUFF!

R.L. Dallas, GA

Great course, very confidence, inspiring. Highly recommended if you want to incorporate into your practice.

S.B. Kings Mountain, NC

Great hands-on course. Great instructors!

R.P. Newnan, GA

I was super intimidated, but it made it simple. I can’t wait to place implants in my office.

T.H. Morrisville, NC

Great program. I learned a lot. Highly recommend.

B.B. Kings Mountain, NC

Feel confident now to place implants.

T.H. Charlotte, NC

Dr. Garg is very well organized, a great lecturer, and is approachable. This course is time well spent.

M.S. Carthage, MO

Excellent course, very organized.

C.S. Trinidad and Tobago

Dr. Garg’s presentation and lecture was extremely interesting and inspired me to keep learning about implants. It gives me confidence in knowing that I have a solid foundation and can have excellent, predictable results in my practice.

L.K. Plantation, FL

Excellent step by step implant training. Even dummies, like myself, could understand and follow.

S.C. Montego Bay, Jamaica

Excellent step by step implant training. Even dummies, like myself, could understand and follow.

S.C. Montego Bay, Jamaica

Dr. Garg is a combination of genius & hilarious. Can listen for hours.

D.B. Miami, FL

Very practical info. that I can use immediately in my practice.

J.S. Pasadena, TX

Very good information presented very well. Dr. Garg is very knowledgeable and eager to teach.

T.S. Gainesville, VA

One of the best continuing education courses I have attended. Dr. Garg is very thorough.

P.S. Boston, MA

Dr. Garg is very well organized, a great lecturer, and is approachable. This course is time well spent.

M.S. Carthage, MO

“Great hands on lab and awesome faculty.”

S.P. Atlanta, GA

The course was very clear and applicable. The information can be utilized in practice the next day if desired.

J.B. Simpsonville, SC

“Best course I have taken. If you’re thinking about placing implants, stop thinking and take this course! It is a great value and better investment.”

R.R. Destin, FL

Best course I’ve attended in years.


Fantastic + well organized program.

J.M. Columbus, GA

Dr. Garg offers an in depth, yet practical approach to implant dentistry that I’m excited to introduce to my practice.

A.K. Huntsville, AL

Great Session!

L.L. Harvey, LA

“Dr. Garg gives experienced + research driven seminars that will work with any implant system.“

-M.L. (Hernando, FL)

“Dr. Garg gives experienced + research driven seminars that will work with any implant system.“

-M.L. (Hernando, FL)

“Very Informative, and great hands on.“

-B.C. (Tampa, FL)

“Very thorough information, and great hands on experience.“

-J.G.C. (Tampa, FL)

“Best lectures I’ve been to. Excellent teaching, “NOT” preaching.“

-C.V.G. (Gainesville, FL)

“Great Course!“

-T.L. (Cincinnati, OH)

“Great Course.“

-B.W. (Tampa, FL)

“Wonderful course!! Dr. Garg and staff made it so enjoyable. Dr. Garg made everything logical, and simplified!“

-M.M. (Cincinnati, OH)

“I enjoyed the program. I feel prepared to place implants.“

-J.W. (Houston, TX)

“Amazing Implant program. Wonderful, very helpful team.“

-A.A. (Brandon, FL)

“The course was very informative, straightforward, and interesting.“

-RR ( Port St. Lucie, FL)

“Since taking this course in 2009, I placed over 200 implants and 3 sinus lifts!“

-BW (Tampa, FL)

“Fantastic! Full of pearls, demystified everything socket presentation implant related. Can’t wait for next class!“

-ST (Palm Coast, FL)

“Excellent experience that builds knowledge and confidence.“

-NT (Ponce Inlet, FL)

“I am more than happy with the techniques and systems taught in the seminar. Definitely learnable and able to implement.“

-ZB (Jacksonville, FL)

“Very informational course with no nonsense“

-JC (Winterhaven, FL)

“Great course for taking you from zero to placing implants.“

-TL (Cincinnati, OH)

“Excellent course, I would recommend it to anyone that isn’t quite sure they are ready to do implants.“

-CVG (Gainesville, FL)

“Objective evaluation of materials and instruments, great evaluation of grafting materials.“

-EG (St. Pete Beach FL)

“This course was worth the full day of traveling it took me to get here. Dr. Garg and his staff are all very approachable and friendly. Thank you so much.“

-KA (Devils Lake, ND)

“This was a really good class and an excellent experience. Dr. Garg is an outstanding instructor and educator.“

-HC (Van Nuys, CA)

“Implant Seminars is dedicated to your personal and practice growth and gives you the information and support to achieve it.“

-BM (Torrance, CA)

“I would put Dr. Garg on par with Frank Spear and Peter Dawson for expertise in education!“

-LG (Tucson, AZ)

“It comes down to caring about my success, Dr. Garg presents the information in an organizational way to allow us to learn and achieve success“

-JS (Jackson, MI)

“This is the most real class I have ever been a part of in 20 years of practice. Thank you.“

-AH (Atlanta, GA)

“So practical & well prepared. Gained more confidence in placing & doing implant procedures“

-BN (Los Angeles, CA)

“Arun Garg’s program has been very eye opening and de-mystified the proper protocols in socket preservation & implant dentistry“

-AK (Los Angeles, CA)

“Wonderful course. Highly recommend to anyone who is thinking of placing implants. Our staff had a great time as well.“

-RY (Smyrna, DE)

“Great course! Thank you.“

-DL (Bristow, VA))

“Dr. Garg teaches and explains implant dentistry not so a general dentist can be an expert in implant dentistry, but so you can safely & predictably place implants, extract, graft teeth in 1/2 of the cases I usually refer out with the same confidence I have with my restorative dentistry.“

-SD (Arlington, VA)

“Without a doubt the best seminar I have attended period.“

-FZ (Alexandria, VA

“Most valuable, knowledgeable, and inspiring course that I have ever attended.“

-VC (Vienna, VA)

“I was very pleased with the quality and quantity of clinical and didactic experience I attained through these series of courses. I would highly recommend any dentist interested in implant surgery to sign up now.“

-WL (Bethesda, MD)

“Dr. Garg covers it all! He is a very succinct speaker! No fluff just what you need to know. Excellent!“

�JPM (Martinsville, VA)

“Dr. Garg, your seminars are very, very good & fun. Definitely one of the best. Thanks for having it in DC again. Makes placing implants easier than it looks.“

�SR (Aldie, VA)

“The course is very informational & slides are visual of the information.“

�CS (New York, NY)

“The course really gave me a much more firm grasp on the fundamentals of implant dentistry. Although intense, I never felt overwhelmed. It made me realize that placing implants is a realistic possibility for me as a dentist.”

Dr. Leigh Cabral- Trinidad & Tobago/ West Hartford, CT

“Thank you so much for offering this course. Dr. Garg is an excellent motivational speaker who has given me a lot of confidence to implement implants in practice & never made me feel that I could not succeed.”

Dr. Renate Saunders- Meriden, CT

“Great course. I’m anxious to do the Live patient portion in the DR. Thanks.”

Dr. Dennis Thornley- Grand Haven, MI

“Dr. Garg is a true expert and couldn’t be more helpful.”

Dr. Scott Harelick- Boston, MA

“A great course to learn what you need to know to start placing your own implants, delivered in an easy to understand format by a gifted teacher.”

Dr. Anthony Black- Herndon, VA

“Step-by-Step lectures in conjunction w/ hands on practice has enhanced and reinforced my understanding on dental implants!”

Dr. Sheng Yu- Boston, MA

“Excellent presentation, very real and practical. It took the mysticism from the “implant concept and process”. Very well done.”

Dr. Thomas Bursich- Erie, PA

“I gained thorough knowledge and abundant confidence in to planning, placing, restoring and managing dental implants.”

Dr. Dhagash Patel- Fall River, MA

“I really enjoyed this seminar- it was very intense, but worth every minute of it. I feel a lot more confident now as to implant placement.”

Dr. Josephine Bajer- Clifton, NJ

“Although I’ve taken Dr. Garg’s course repeatedly, he is always energized with new ideas and how-to’s. He makes it a pleasure every time.”

Dr. James E. Sparaga- Machian, ME

“Dr. Garg does a wonderful job in providing the confidence needed for the general practitioner to begin implant surgery.”

Dr. Thomas Carroll- Syracuse, NY

“Great experience. Can’t wait to come back!”

Dr. Andrew Balshaw- Washington, DC

“Dr. Garg- you are one admirable speaker and presenter – looking forward to learning more at the live patient course!”

Dr. Kavitha Rajavelu- Bedford, NH

“The lecture approached implantology scientifically and realistically so it could be readily integrated into practice.”

Dr. Teresa Nicholson- Muncie, IN

“As a new implant dentist, we don’t know what we don’t know; Dr. Garg made it crystal clear.”

Dr. Thomas Hogan- Auburn, NY

“Best course ever! Thanks! I will miss you guys.”

Dr. Margaret Allen- Sugarland, TX

“In 35 years, by far the best CE experience that I have ever had.”

Dr. James Andrews- Charleston, SC

“This course is invaluable in its ability to not only learn how to properly place implants, but also in how to implement them into your practice in the most lucrative way.”

Dr. Michael Irby- Baton Rouge, LA

“A common sense, practical approach to implant surgery, would highly recommend.”

Dr. William Daniel Raymond- Farmerville, CA

“This course has given me the confidence and knowledge I need to properly treat and plan and place implants according to my skill level now, and to focus on improving and receiving more education for advance cases.”

Dr. Bruce Herr- Gilbert, AZ

“Dr. Garg presents a realistic, non-biased education on implant dentistry. The staff was very kind and attended to any of your needs that may arise.”

Dr. Kristopher Rappold- New Orleans, LA

“This was hands down the best and most informative implant course I have taken.”

Dr. Hal Rider- New Iberia, LA

“Great Program. Great Info. Presented in a simplified manner.”

Dr. Carl Breaux- Lafayette, LA

“Dr. Garg is a thorough and entertaining speaker. The course was comprehensive, and the returns, both clinically and financially, are immediately present. Highly recommend!”

Dr. Michael Dickerson- Tampa, FL

“This was an excellent, thorough, and well-organized course clearly presented.”

Dr. Terence Fink- Memphis, TN

“Dr. Garg’s approach is brilliant-very down to earth and pragmatic!”

Dr. Barry J. Burgess- Overland Park, KS

“I placed 18 implants in May, and I only placed 12 last year. My confidence must be evident to the patients to increase case acceptance that much!”

Dr. Natalie S. Jackson- New Orleans, LA

“Excellent comprehensive dental implant course. A great value; looking forward to Live Patient in DR.”

Dr. Steven Collins- Baton Rouge, LA

“Great Course, wonderful group, and a rare example of practicing what you teach.”

Dr. Stephen Michel- Mt. Pleasant, SC

“I have never taken a course that encourages and empowers a general dentists to perform implants in their own offices. Only after the first weekend I know I made a great choice to attend implant seminars.”

Dr. Alexander Lee , West Orange, NJ

“Good information presentation with humor injection. Answered all socket preservation questions.”

Dr. Mark Diamond , Scarborough, ME

“Awesome! Best course I’ve ever taken!.”

Dr. Guillamme Lepine , Swansea, MA

“Great program. Wish I had it a long time ago. Not a paid speaker.”

Dr. Omar Salameh , Lakewood , OH

“Very informative and very hands on with real facts and no influence of sales companies.”

Dr. Ridhima Goyal , Farmington, CT

“Dr. Garg takes the mystery out of implant surgery. He gives you the confidence you need to begin cases.”

Dr. Thomas Carroll , Syracuse, NY

“I can’t wait to use the Socket Preservation techniques taught in this class!.”

Dr. Beau Kapp , Medford, OR

“Dr. Garg has once again surpassed my expectations by how detail oriented and complete he is in the development and presentation of this course.”

Dr. Ken Alford , Santa Rosa, CA

“Clear, concise, scientifically based information that can be applied immediately.”

Dr. Justin Diederichs , Auburn, CA

“After the first session and I can’t wait to start implementing what I learned.”

Dr. Hani Jabbour , Walnut Creek, CA

“Best Presentation of immediate application.”

Dr. Cecelia Thomas , San Francisco, CA

“Dr. Garg has an honest, practical approach that gives novice clinicians confidence to get started and more experienced doctors the most updated information to advance their techniques. Great stuff!.”

Dr. Ken Liszewski , Sarasota, FL

“Great course, excited to start.”

Dr. Volinder Dhesi , Calgary, Alberta

“Great course for implants!.”

Dr. Hieu Dang , San Jose, CA

“No nonsense, no sales pitch, no up sell. Definite confidence building.”

Dr. Kevin Ko , Walnut Creek, CA

“So far this has been ‘the best’ implant course I have attended.”

Dr. Sasson Dadseresht , Las Vegas, NV

“Great Course!.”

Dr. Eric Pacheco , Lompoc, CA

“For a beginner, the past two days have provided me with the knowledge and confidence to continue my desire to place implants and graft.”

Dr. Bruce Herr , Gilbert, AZ

“The course curriculum and the presenter, Dr. Garg exceeded my expectation by a long shot!.”

Dr. David Lebowitz Paradise, Valley, AZ

“Learned some really great tricks and tips which will help me become faster and more efficient.”

Dr. Brian Toorani Huntington , Beach, CA

“Great seminar. Good presentations. Very up to date.”

Dr. Zoila Cruz- Echegoyen , Irvine, CA

“Excellent course. Very comprehensive.”

Dr. Pardeep Brar , Inglewood, CA

“A comprehensive program that gives me the experience and confidence to place implants.”

Dr. Sami Ourshano-Olghi , Northridge, CA

“Great Program; cutting edge information!.”

Dr. Tony Corello , Westfield, NJ

“Thanks, life changing experience.”

Dr. Resh Diu , Northaptonshire, UK

“For a beginner implantologist, Dr. Garg’s course is a must and heavily recommended.”

Dr. John Jou , Fredonia, NY

“This course has introduced me to many facts and tricks not only for implant surgery but also many other aspects of dentistry.”

Dr. Alan Shlimon , Nile, IL

“Dr. Garg is a great lecturer. I have taken other courses giving me the wrong material to use. Dr. Gargs reconciliations were useful in my hands. I will recommend this course to all my colleagues!!.”

Dr. Jose Mariscal , Chicago, IL

“Best seminar series I have ever attended. Dr. Garg is a stud!.”

Dr. Mark Lamb, Imlay, Michigan

“Great course attendees definitively will will be able to place implants with confidence.”

Dr. Kaveh Ghaboussi , Madison, WI

“Dr. Garg has given me the confidence and skills to bone graft and place dental implants successfully.”

Dr. Maneet Dharia , Chicago,IL

“Dr. Garg gave lots of great first hand tips & tricks that I haven’t heard anywhere else.”

Dr. Mike Kirsch, Chicago, IL

“Finally a program that puts it all together for me and gives me the confidence to move forward.”

Dr. Jon Skare, Burnville. MN

“The most precise step by step detailed implant course and all in a very practical manor.”

Dr. Noel Liu , Rockford, IL

“I feel more confident in placing implants thanks to Dr. Garg’s amazing step by step practical lectures and opportunity of placing implants in the live patient program!.”

Dr. Nazish Jafri , Rockford, IL

“Excellent course; Dr. Garg is not only very knowledgeable but very entertaining.”

Dr. Edward Grabiec , Plover, WI

“Terrific Program! Dr. Garg is an excellent instructor and surgeon.”

Dr. Andy Burton DDS, Nashville, TN

“Dr. Arun Garg is the implant guru with the best attitude and knowledge.”

Dr. Anette Betancor, Miami, FL

“I am a senior dental student and Dr. Garg communicates all of us his information very effectively! He is extremely approachable I have been to his office many times! This course is perfect for students graduating from dental school and recent graduates! Can’t wait for the Dominican Republic!

Dr. Jagdeep S. Kaile, Miami, FL

“I am fully confident that I can provide another level of treatment for my patients!”

Dr. Trevor Christmas, Saint Kitts and Nevis

“Dr. Gargs experience and knowledge has been impressive! As a young dentist I’ve learned so much more than just implants.”

Dr. Steve Troung, Oklahoma, OK

“Great course, Great instructor, great staff. Thank You!!!!”

Dr. Todd Denson, Titusville, FL

“Taking this course has increased the fire and energy in which I view the dental profession. Dental implants are the future of dentistry and I couldn’t be more excited to implement what I have learned from Dr. Gargs continuum.”

Dr. Daniel Fenton, Boca Raton, FL

“A great instructor, a great learning environment, and a stellar course. I’d recommend to anyone who wants to build a thriving implant practice!”

Dr. James Helmy, Delray, FL

“This is by far the best continuing education class I’ve taken in my 27 years of practice! Great lectures and vendors essential for getting started!! These seminars have it all!”

Dr. Glenn Gerald, Oakton, VA

“If any dentist out there thinks he or she can’t place implants ─ you can! Dr Garg and his incredible staff make it possible, not only academically, but financially as well. Each course is scientifically backed-up with credible research. They also equip you mentally, so you can return to your practice on Monday and actually apply the techniques on your patients. It is a win-win for me and my patients!”

Dr. Misty Brown, Keller, TX

“I FINALLY did it! Ended my day yesterday with a ridge preservation and implant to follow and started my day today with a consultation for 4 to 6 implants. I’ve been spending my evenings reading your books so I felt prepared. Just made my post-op call and the patient is fine. I’m looking at each patient in a whole new perspective now and I’m finding that after your seminars they are excited as I am to start treatment! I can’t thank you enough!!”

Dr. Tane Rontal Brentwood, CA

“Thanks for a clear, concise, effective, and informative presentation that cut through all the smoke and went straight to the point.”

Dr. George Saliba, Houston, TX

“Dr Garg is a great speaker and extremely knowledgeable and organized. Very practical.”

Dr. Paul Cavalluzzo, Palm Coast, FL

“Two-stage, single tooth implant surgery isn’t difficult for a general dentist to use in practice. It is my opinion that a general dentist can do an even better job for the patient because who could be better to place them that the one who has to restore them?!”

Dr. Aldino Magguilli, Chevy Chase, MD

“I placed my first six implants halfway through taking your Continuum!”

Dr. Yuey S. Moy, Upper Marlboro, MD

“I learned more about dental implants in six months than I have in the previous 10 years from both a surgical and prosthetic standpoint.”

Dr. Thomas Scibor, Buffalo, NY

“This course was comprehensive and definitely has given me the knowledge and confidence to place implants with a high degree of skill!”

Dr. Stafford Conley, Bowie, MD

“One program where I got more than I hoped for.”

Dr. Ron Barry, Delmar, CA

“I now feel confident with the skill set provided by this course to place implants in my practice!”

Dr. Edward J. Sharkey, Ellicott City, MD

“Dr. Garg teaches the nuts and bolts of implant dentistry in a way that gave me the confidence I needed to make this incredible shift in my career. I was placing implants immediately through the course! Thank you Dr. Garg!”

Dr. E. Paige Crowder, Waynesboro, VA

“This program is an exceptional way of beginning your journey into implant dentistry. Dr. Garg prepares us not only with the science and technical aspect of implant dentistry but also with the marketing and business models to implement our new knowledge.”

Dr. Walter Collazo, Leesburg, VA

“Dr Garg is a giving instructor, very approachable and helpful.”

Dr. Lawrence Hale, Venice, FL

“The emphasis on science and the (treatment) planning was the best!”

Dr. Drew Clement, Thibodaux, LA

“Dr. Garg is an excellent teacher and an approachable person. He makes learning fun and easy!”

Dr. Dinah Vice, Chapel Hill, NC

An excellent introduction to implant dentistry with a broad didactic component and excellent hands-on activities.”

Dr. Greg Thoben, Washington D.C.

In search of greater education I was advised to look into Dr. Garg’s series of educational courses. Much to my surprise, I stepped into a comprehensive implant course for beginners and I found that to be the beginning of a profound implant education. Dr. Garg strives for the best in education seeking to bring a sequence of educational speakers from around the world to share step-by-step clinical techniques and experiences that streamlines different systems. He has implemented support systems through email and phone contact as well as on-site guidance as one explores these advanced skills. Dr. Garg has offered top notch education and a world class experience as he includes elegant surprises along the way. Lastly, the camaraderie that evolves with the other dentists in the class is tremendous because we find ourselves although on many different paths, able to exchange many brilliant ideas. These courses will open your mind to a different experience!

Dr. Laura Habner, Tampa, FL

Being 3 1/2 years out of dental school, I wanted more! Implant Seminars gave me a comprehensive understanding and the hands on experience to give me the confidence to start placing and restoring dental implants. My Implant Seminars experience also gave me a comprehensive understanding of how to tackle and present complex cases. The speakers have all been top notch and I recommend the Implant Seminars courses to any dentist looking to expand their knowledge and expertise.

Dr. Erik Mendelsohn, Atlantic City, NJ

I never thought that I’d place dental implants myself, but after taking this course, placing implant is the first choice that comes to mind when I see a patient with a missing tooth or missing teeth and have the knowledge and confidence to do it..

Dr. Mohammed W. Rahman, Floral Park, NY

It’s an excellent course and series of presentations and workshops that I attended. It has really opened up my vision about dental implant treatment planning surgery, prosthetics, marketing and sales and has become an exciting part of my practice.

Dr. Raj Mohan, Brooklyn, NY

Dr. Garg is truly a giver of his time, energy, vision and talent; and its wonderful to provide this educational service for all of us.

Dr. Gregory Mohr, Manlius, NY

I loved the program. All the lectures and hands-on workshops were great. My only regret-I wish I would have taken the course earlier in my career!!!

Dr. Tatiana Sarkisian, New York, NY

The presentations were very Clear presentations, extremely helpful hands on experience, and overall a very organized course.

Dr. Rozaliya Fatakhova, Forest Hills, NY

The program has a tremendous reputation and lived up to it in regards to placement of implants, implant restorations, soft tissue management, and bone grafting and marketing. This program helped me not only to learn, but also practice placement of implants during the program. Exceeded my expectations.

Dr. Elona Fatakhova, New York, NY

It has been a fantastic series of lectures, lecturers and workshops. Always informative and interesting. Thank you so much.

Dr. Andria P. Caldwell, Alabaster, AL

The Best Comprehensive Implant Course I have ever taken…. period. Covering ALL aspects of dental implantology from hard tissue grafting to soft tissue management, implant placement, socket grafting, prosthetic components and prosthetic procedures.

Dr. Christopher Cansler, Atlanta, GA

After searching for and attending several other Implant Courses, this course by FAR is the best of all.

Dr. Magdy Attia, Fayetteville, GA

An excellent comprehensive course that has given me the knowledge, skills, and confidence to place and restore implants.

Dr. Brian Haig, Orange County, CA

This course was comprehensive and well organized. Dr Garg is an excellent professor and a great speaker. He and the faculty from Implant Seminars are approachable and very helpful. This was by far the best continuing education class I ever taken. Thank you!

Dr. Diana Radulescu, New York, NY

“The last session of the A-Z Course, in particular focused on areas I needed to expand my knowledge base and now I will be offering soft and hard tissue grafting in my practice next week.”

Dr. Douglas Leigh Gardner, MA

“Dr. Garg has an amazing grip on the reality of the dental business and teaching the surgical skills to place implants with confidence. His team is extremely supportive and organized!”

Dr. Michael McNeill, Tampa, FL

“The name says it all “Implants A-Z!” So good I think it should be MANDATORY.”

Dr. Robert Aron, Sunrise, FL

“The course was a great introductory and comprehensive program. I am ready to start placing implants with confidence.”

Dr. Georgina Merlo-Quinones Miami, FL

“Dr. Garg takes procedures, techniques and materials and presents them in a clear, easy to implement fashion. I have total confidence to perform bone grafting, implant placement and soft tissue surgery. The overall experience was fantastic.”

Dr. Larry Sarner, Franklin, MA

“Implant A-Z is a must for the dentist trying to get into dental implants. It gives you good perspective on basic implant knowledge.”

Dr. Gaurang Nanavati, Tampa, FL

“Dr. Garg’s presentations demystified the idea of implants to me. His hands-on workshops serve to reinforce the didactic parts and his staff are extremely helpful in making the course a wonderful, informative learning experience.”

Dr. Jacqueline Nelson-Mangatal, Plantation, FL

The information is extremely practical and applicable.

Dr. Ron Hernandez, Fremont, CA

Dr. Garg is very good at engaging the audience.

Dr. Gary Lum Santa, Clara, CA

Dr. Garg is very well versed with the topic, very brilliant and an excellent educator.

Dr. Sheila Villano, San Ramon, CA

I have two implant surgeries scheduled for tomorrow and I am excited to apply what I have learned about implant placement. I am not nervous because the classes have prepared me and given me the confidence for success.

Dr. Mary Tourtlotte, Oakdale, CA

Dr. Garg is awesome, he has a depth of knowledge that I have not seen in other lecturers or teachers.

Dr. Peter Su, San Francisco, CA

I waited to include implants in my practice until I could get straight-forward practical education from a knowledgeable educator; Dr Garg’s course does this.

Dr. Jeff Bueno, Pleasanton, CA

As a dentist who had never wanted to place implants, or do “that kind of surgery” I can now say that I feel much more confident about being able to do it. I found the lectures very well presented, logically ordered and very easy to understand. I also felt that the knowledge of not only Dr. Garg, but all of the staff, was/is top notch!

Dr. David E. Dillon, Dixon, IL

It really gave me better confidence. I know I can do Implants now!!

Dr. Mildred Arafiles-Reyes, San Francisco, CA

This course is exactly what I needed to improve and progress my implant skills.

Dr. Dan Leung , Pleasant hill, CA

Dr. Garg and his staff provided an excellent learning environment, supportive instruction, research information and direct incorporation into my practice. Definitely worth the experience and fun at the same time.

Dr. Harry Lin, B.S., D.D.S., Oakland, CA

Dr. Garg is infectious in his passion for implant surgery and bone grafting principals. I love it!!!

Dr. Peter T. Su, D.D.S., San Francisco, CA

Great speaker, comprehensive yet succinct. Great course, worth the money.

Dr. Liyen Keen, Houston, TX

Very exciting for me at this stage of my career. Graduated in 1988!

Dr. Terry Dingbaum, Houston, TX

Scientifically detailed and up to my standard, FINALLY!!

Dr. Leila Suki, Houston TX

This course is very informative and appropriate for dentists at any surgical comfort level!

Dr. Michael Williamson, Lake Charles, LA

Very Good Kick-off to program, very useful and informative without trying to sell me on just one implant system.

Dr. Sasha Mahabir, Houston TX

This course is a must for any dentist that wants to get into implants. Dr. Garg describes Implantology and simplifies the concepts.

Dr. Glenn Vo, Deuton, TX

Fantastic speaker, very dynamic, and very practical information on removing the mysticism of grafting and ridge preservation.

Dr. Fadi Salha Houston, TX

One of the most educational experienced presentations I have ever had.

Dr. Eric Weiner New York, NY

“This course was amazing. I found it very easy to follow. I am so glad that I did not registeer for a one day implant course. This course even though had a lot of information Dr. Garg made it simple to follow.”

Dr. Eme Nelly Silva, Collegeville, PA

My thanks and gratitude for such a successful seminar.

Dr. Kourosh Mehrabian, Silver Spring, MD

Even after 2 sessions my knowledge of dental implants has improved immensely. I am very excited for the remainder of the course and the information to be presented.

Dr. Andy Maples, Jacksonville, FL

Dr. Garg is a dynamic speaker and an excellent educator. This program is well thought out and executed.

Dr. Steve Rhee, Chicago, IL

Dr. Garg is a really sharp and knowledgeable instructor who provides a realistic and practical approach to implants (both the planning and the procedures).

Dr. Theresita Torres, Orlando, FL

Is been a wonderful experience with this course, I feel excited about it and looking forward to start placing implants

Dr. Ruth M Vergara, Orlando, FL

The implant seminar program is a great comprehensive course. I’ve learned more in these weekend sessions than in 2 full semesters of dental school implant classes.

Dr. Theresita Torres, Orlando, FL

Well done. Dr. Garg has amazing skills. Learned a lot and looking forward to more and more.

Dr. Prashant C Patel, Buffalo Grove, FL

I feel confident in what I have learned so far in order to adequately place dental implants.

Dr. Rhee Kephel, Chicago, IL

Dr. Garg is a surgeon and educator who respects various GP skill levels and experiences, and teaches accordingly.

Dr. Leila Suki, Houston, TX

Overall a very informative program, and specifically Dr. Garg is a great lecturer.

Dr. Liyen Keen ,Sugar Land, TX

Great Implant course! This is the best course and an incredible value for the money .

Dr. Glenn Schmidt, New Orleans, LA

Excellent ideas and concepts that definitely helped in ‘dusting out our practice’ and dramatically improving it.

Dr. Bassam Petros, Ontario, Canada


Dr. Eliane Cruvinel, Miami, FL

Great breakdown of and systematic step by step explanation of implant surgery, prosthetics, soft tissue management, and related topics and subjects

Dr. Yanelys Guerra, Florida

Dr. Garg explains material in a concise relevant manner. He is easy to understand, articulate and precise.

Dr. Seth Shapiro, West Palm Beach, FL

Best Implant Education program. Definitely would recommend to anyone, novice or expert

Dr. Son Nguyen, New Castle, WA

Essential information for implant planning & treatment.

Dr. Rich Busto, Olympia, WA

Truly the best program for the beginner implantologist

Dr. Douglas Whitfield, Tukwila, WA

Very good course; excellent hands on experience with a warm, friendly environment

Dr. Bogdan Bodroug, Molalla, OR

Concise to the point and comprehensive. Presented in a non-confusing way! Great bang for the buck

Dr. Don Swanson, Mercer Island, WA

I’ve been attending implant courses over the last 15 years. This program gave so much more information by lecture and presentation then any of the others.

Dr. John Pham, Chehalis, WA

Superb presenter, very easy to interpret and understand and all his are suggestions are scientifically backed up.

Dr. Puneet Kochhar, Rochester, NH

Dr. Garg is a dynamic & captivating lecturer. His gentle demeanor coupled with his high intesity are uncomparable on the lecture circuit

Dr. James Sparaga, Machias, ME

Excellent speaker with great research background.

Dr. Deepa Anamthanarayanan, Methum, ME

Implant placement & bone grafting simplified.

Dr. Nick Perotta, Medford, MA

This was the best course I ever took for my practice.

Dr. Sonalika Rungta, Windsorlocks, CT

The lecture & hands on course has greatly increased my understanding & improved my clinical approach.

Dr. Bob Pearson, Jacksonville, GA

It was an honor to be a part of this program. I have come all the way from India and the friendliness of the staff, faculty & mentor Dr. Garg was beyond words.

Dr. Deepak Rai, New Delhi, India

There is no better way to learn than this hands-on program. This really is a wonderful program. I learned so much and everyone is so helpful.

Dr. Wen Li, Brooklyn, NY

It’s amazing how much you learn and so quickly.

Dr. Hatem Elmissiv, Dixhills, NY

This course has given new life to my dental career. I am reenergized and excited about the future of my dental practice. Thank you Dr. Garg & team!

Dr. David A. Lamothe, Smyrna, GA

Amazing, eye-opening experience. Forever changed the way I will place and treat anterior implant cases.

Dr. Kinnari Ghia, San Jose, CA

Excellent method of material with practical steps that ensures success rates. Additionally what to do when things go wrong.

Dr. Rhys Spoor, Seattle, WA

This is my 3rd long term implant course and by far the most user-friendly. Dr. Garg is one of the most enjoyable speakers in the country.

Dr. James Sparaga, Machias, ME

Thank you for the simple and cautious approch to implant placement. The style of teaching is one that instills all the confidence needed to adding socket preservation and implant dentistry in my practice.

Dr. Nicholas A. Perrotta, Medford, MA

One of the best courses I have ever attended.

Dr. Gagan Mangat, Winnipeg, MB

One of the best, most informative programs on anterior esthetics.

Dr. Robert A. Pearson, Jacksonville, GA

Dr. Garg’s Continuum course has transformed my practice and increased both my income and my enthusiasm for dentistry.

Dr. George Camp, Hilton Head, Island, SC

Dr. Garg runs an exceptional first class seminar. He is helpful, humorous and exceptionally well informed.

Dr. Walter Gazda, Chicopee, MA

Dr. Garg brings implant dentistry to the next level.

Dr. Kevin Tri, Hastings, MN

I love this course and look forward to future classes

Dr. Vicki Rivera, Waltham, MA

Dr. Garg’s courses have brought excitement back into my practice!

Dr. Robert Pearson, Atlanta, GA

I have taken no other course with such a number of high quality presenters and with a diversity of view points and procedure options.

Dr. John Krueger, Clearwater, FL

Great Lecture! Dr. Garg has such a wealth of knowledge.

Dr. Glenn Gerald, Oakton, VA

Dr. Garg runs a top notch organization.

Dr. William Caldron, Plattsburgh, NY

This was the best seminar series I have EVER attended.

Dr. Manjeh Maroon, San Francisco, CA

These lectures have opened my eye to see outside the box.

Dr. George Sanchez, Modesto, CA

Dr. Garg is my hero! I loved every minute!

Dr. Peter Su, San Francisco, CA

Lectures provide practical information every dentist should know.

Dr. Tim Miller, San Francisco, CA

Thank you, fear facor has been removed, and replaced with knowledge and confidence!

Dr. Robert Maroon, Los Angeles, CA

Very educational, very down to earth information given, that can be applied by all.

Dr. Carmen Denise Maroon, Los Angeles, CA

This is some of the best practical and simplified material I have seen yet!

Dr. Joseph Homoly Port, Charlotte, FL

Dr. Garg understands how to give general dentists a practical approach to implant dentistry.

Dr. David Rever, Washington, D.C

Dr. Garg is a very knowledgeable speaker and relates information in a way that’s easy to understand and put to use.

Dr. Aaron Roberts, Chapel Hill, NC

Very practical, great value, five star in every way!

Dr. Mike Briggs, Mexico, MO

Great course;

Dr. Joyce Kasunich, York, PA

I’ve learned more in my days with Dr. Garg than I’ve learned in my months of implant courses in another course.

Dr. Trang T. Le

About a year and a half ago I stumbled across Dr. Arun Garg’s website for Implant Seminars. I can now say that my decision to study with Arun was Life Changing.

I was fortunate to have a successful practice in Columbus, Ohio, but after 28 years I had fallen into a routine. The knowledge and skills I’ve attained from Arun’s Implant Seminars have taken me from placing the occasional implant to performing advanced techniques which include ridge splits, sinus augmentation, ridge augmentations, vertical sinus bumps and multiple placement of implants. My comprehension of bone biology has increased tenfold and my love for dentistry has been renewed.

Recently, I had the privilege of accompanying Arun and several dentists from across the country and instructors to Santiago in the Dominican Republic. We worked together at Hospital Regional University to place over 470 implants on approximately 150 patients over a 3 day period.

The people we treated were extremely appreciative and thrilled we came but that didn’t compare to the invaluable experience and confidence I came away with. I will continue to study with Arun and the superb instructors and lecturers he brings to his institute. I thank him and his staff for giving me the opportunity to achieve my goals in dentistry, and renew my love of surgery.

Dr. Jerome Urell DDS

Dr. Garg, I just wanted let you know how much I enjoyed and learned at the course in Santiago last weekend. I’ve been practicing for 28 years and have a very busy practice but haven’t done any surgery since dental school. I took your continuum and learned the how to, but my lack of actual surgery experience kept me from placing implants. Having the opportunity to place implants on live patients in Santiago was exactly what I needed to get me “over the hump.”

You provided first class accommodations, food, and Katrina and staff did a great job of organizing everything. The best part was the faculty. I got the chance to work with Leo and Lina. They were so knowledgable and willing to help. I was an absolute rookie compared to most of the class but they were so patient. They were right there helping when we needed it, getting the cases that benefited me most, but letting us go once we were getting the hang of it. I can’t thank them enough. I know everyone felt the same way about the entire faculty.

The whole trip was a great experience. I learned so much and had alot of fun and fellowship. I’ve been back 2 days and scheduled my first 2 implant placements. See you at a future course.

Dr. D. Mark Monheiser

I have been practicing General Dentistry for 23 years and I have always done the majority of the oral surgery cases except implants. About 3 years ago I started really getting a lot of complications with restoring these implant cases, and I decided then I was going to start placing my own implants. I came across Implant Seminars on the web, and I have never look back.

Dr. Garg and his staff have made the transition into Implant dentistry fun and exciting. The knowledge and level of clinical experience Dr. Garg and team of lectures were able to provide has been invaluable. I not only have the understanding of bone physiology, but I have the confidence to perform a variety of implant related surgeries. During the past two years I have been placing implants, performing lateral sinus lifts, crestal sinus lifts, ridge splits, and ridge augmentation with great success.

Dr. Garg has changed my life and has recharged my enthusiasm in dentistry.

In January 2011 I was with a great group of doctors and a fantastic group of support staff that went to the Dominican Republic. I feel great pride with vast amount of procedures we were able to provide, and ultimately enhancing these patient’s lives. The bonus for this trip was the ability to perform and learn a variety of procedures from simple to advanced surgical techniques on a large number of patients. Dr. Garg again put together an incredibly talented group of instructors for this event.

I came away with new surgical procedures and tweaks on surgeries I was already performing in my own practice.

I would highly recommend not only taking the Masters Series, but also going on this mission to the Dominican Republic. I plan on continuing and reviewing my implant studies with Dr. Garg.

Thank you Arun for this opportunity to enhance my life and renew my love for Dentistry.

Dr. Steven Treman, DDS, Wilmington, North Carolina

Dr. Garg, I want to thank you and the entire team for the best trip ever! I went with high expectations to the live patient program in Dominican Republic, and you’ve exceeded them by a mile. All the course work I had done up until this trip to the Dominican Republic came together in actual skills and procedures, that I now have taken back to my office. The instructors couldn’t have been more professional and helpful. The trip was amazingly organized and just happened to also full my soul with the goodness of the new Dominican friends I made. All of us that went were able to do many implants, grafts, ridge splits, sinus lifts etc. with the supervision to really be comfortable and professional. My wish is that all of my friends and family could experience a trip like this. I will go back again in a heartbeat.

Dr. Dan Smith

Having never placed an implant before, I definitely had the jitters on my trip down to Santiago, Dominican Republic with Dr. Garg and his extremely competent staff. A live patient course was exactly what I needed, and that is what I got. By the time I left Santiago, was my confidence was at an all time high. I had the opportunity to place close to 20 implants over a three-day period. The close supervision I received during my training can not be matched by any other program. That I am sure of.

Besides placing implants, I had the opportunity to improve on all of my surgical skills including extractions, bone grafting, and suturing. For those dentists in our group with more experience and needing less supervision, the opportunity for more complicated cases were endless.

Aside from the vast amount of experience I received, the less priveleged people of Santiago that received all of their care for free were very appreciative of our services. We truly were treated like royalty by everyone we encountered on our trip. Being a third world country, I was really impressed with the overall preparedness and pre-arrival arrangements that were taken care of by Katrina and the rest of the staff.

Probably one of the greatest assets of this course beyond the “hands-on” was the comraderie developed with other dentists in the group. I was able to learn so much from talking to fellow attendees. You really have to experience all of this for yourself to truly appreciate what I refer to as “the best hands-on CE ever”!

The greatest piece of advice I would give prospective students is to “just do it”. I went on this course after attending just the third session of the continuum and never having placed a single dental implant (in a human being at least). Thanks again to Dr. Garg and his amazing staff.

Dr. Neil Charaipotra, DDS

This is the best implant Course period!!! Thank you! Any practice will benefit from this course.

Dr. Harry G. Boyle, Milford, PA

Dr. Garg takes scattered info and organizes it so it is very clear and gives very practical advice you can use right away.

Dr. Camilo Achury, New York, NY

An amazing course.

Dr. Michael Sherman, New York, NY

This course was very organized and the was experience a great learning one.

Dr. David Barall, Syosset, NY

I could not possibly imagine another course that could impact so much confidence in dental implants. The best part though is the feeling and knowledge that I have a future resource & someone who is always as anxious for me to succeed as I am.

Dr. Jeremy Sorhus, Kenai, Alaska

“34 years into practice, implant surgery and the prosthetic procedures that generates is now 30% of my practice. This has allowed me the thrive in a difficult economy. My practice would be sucking wind without this knowledge and wonderful service for my patients.”

Dr. Randy Mitchmore Houston , TX

“Dr. Garg is an excellent resource for research based bottom line treatment that will work. The guesswork and ambiguity of implant treatment is taken away.”

Dr. Matt VanderMolen, Springfield, IL

“Dr. Garg makes understanding bone grafts so easy that I feel very confident implementing his techniques when I return to my office next week.”

Dr. Nancy Horton, Tampa, FL

“Simply excellent easy to follow and easy to implement, well structured format that makes it easy for newbie�s like myself to grasp the practical and important concepts to implement on Monday. Can�t wait to get started.”

Dr. Charles Payet, Charlotte, NC

“An excellent course! Dr. Garg presents thorough information with an enthusiasm that made me excited to place implants.”

Dr. Eric Nicholson, Cary, NC

“I learned clearly defined systems for bone grafting and implant placement.”

Dr. Raymond Kessler, Charlotte, NC

�Good Lectures! All material was relevant and interesting. Great sequencing.�

Dr. Brad Spano, Cville, VA

“Awesome seminar, doesn�t scare you, the cook book way to learning implants and building your confidence. Thanks!!”

Dr. Clifton Jordan III, Orangeburg, SC

�Best course ever taken.�

Dr. Lev Bababekov, New York, NY

“This program can obviously boost practice significantly.”

Dr. Richard Linn, Santa Rosa, CA

“Great Seminar; totally worth it!”

Dr. Sien Siao, Tracy, CA

“Exceeded all of my expectations. I would recommend this course to anyone wanting to grow their practice. Live Patient course was priceless!”

Dr. Brent Robinson, Saginaw, TX

“This is a solid course with lots of evidence- based practical training and thoroughly enjoyable lectures- Dr. Garg is a great teacher!”

Dr. Afroz Burges, Houston, TX

“I have learned so much from this course. The Live Patient course has given me so much confidence to place implants in my office. I have been recommending this course to my friends and will keep recommending them!”

Dr. Therese Singson Miranda, San Antonio, TX

“Practical and fast paced�.

Dr. Mike Vanover, Orange Park, FL

�Fabulous Course “.

Dr. Jonathon Rusnak, Lake Charles, LA

�I love Dr. Garg�s presentation with awesome personality”

Ms. ShaiKolody, Ocala, FL

�Very educational. A whole year of dental residency in 4 weekends!”

Dr. Michael Costabile, DeerfieldBeach,FL

�Great program”.

Dr. Chan Wilkhu Merritt, Island, FL

�Dr. Garg is a very engaging, informative, and passionate educator!”

Dr. James HelmyBoyton, Beach, FL

�Excellent, concise for the dentist program, offered by one of the best and most knowledgeable doctors in US.”

Dr. Elemer Mendoza Winter, Gardens, FL

“Dr Garg in my mind is the implant GURU”

Dr. AnetteBetancor, Miami, FL

�Great, entertaining, and excellent course”

Dr. Sandra Diaz, Miami, FL

“I recommend everything about this course”

Dr. Yitzhak Con, Costa Rica

“I feel like this course is designed and has a support system to guarantee success. If you can’t do this its your fault”

Dr. Alexis Mierzwa, Winchester, VA

“Thoroughly enjoyed the session. I can’t wait for each and every upcoming session.”

Dr.Trushar Patel, Atlanta, GA

“Only the first session and I am confident to begin socket preservations in my practice!”

Dr. Chris Stuzynsk, Baltimore, MD

“Dr. Garg is the best combination of brilliance with good common sense I have ever experienced in a speaker.”

Dr. Timothy Thomas, Blountville, TN

“This was a great course. Full of reliable information. I cant wait for the next class.”

Dr. Kimberly Meyer, Nottingham, NH

“The best all around program for implant placement. Bar none.”

Dr. Tammy Zeineddin, Atlanta, GA
Testimonials Chicago Continuum October 6-7, 2012

“Great organized and very practical information presented by a very engaging speaker. Dr. Garg is very knowledgeable and will answer every question you possibly have.”

Dr. Vishal Advani, Essex Junction, VT

“Fantastic background on treatment planning-case solution. Wonderful step by step. Rocking presentation Style”

Dr. Scott Andler, Madison, WI

“Great course. I’m ready and have all the knowledge and tools necessary to start on Monday morning! ….. and this was just my first of four sessions.”

Dr. Angela Coley, Madison, WI

“I only saw the flyer two weeks ago and immediately knew I wanted to take the class. (I’ve been looking for the past twelve months) sent fax and registered that day. ABSOLUTELY No regrets!”

Dr. Andie Pearson, Evanston, IL

“Arun Garg is for Dental Implants comparable and equivalent to John Kois for Restorative!”

Dr. Mark Bentley, Troy, Ohio

“Thank you Dr. Garg and staff for the first session of the Intensive Implant Continuum. I plan to use this knowledge I gained on Socket preservation Monday morning!”

Dr. Monique Tucker, River Forest, IL

“Very good material. Easy to understand. And Dr. Garg is approachable for questions!”

Dr. Kalpit Shah, Chicago, IL

“Great course!! Dr. Garg is great, very approachable and knowledgeable. I would recommend this course to anyone wanting to learn about implants.”

Dr. Jose Mariscal, Chicago, IL

“Great class, and very informative.”

Dr. Jon Park, Belvielve, IL

“Very effective speaker.”

Dr. Milke Kirsch, Chicago, IL

“Awesome way to begin my implant learning. Can’t wait to take these techniques back to my patients”.

Dr. Gary A. Kopersky, Chicago, IL

“Dr. Garg your lectures are Amazing.”

Dr. Jennifer Choi, Chicago, IL

“Simple, straight forward, and refreshing course based on scientific principals and the clinical practice techniques of implant placement”.

Dr. Sam Shin, Chicago, IL

“Very good starting course. -Will be very excited to attend the rest.”

Dr. Joseph Arch, Chesterton, IN

“Excellent speaker, concise and clear.”

Dr. Mehul Patel, Riverview, MI

“Great course. Dr. Garg is a great lecturer. He made me feel more confident to place implants now. Thank you!”

Dr. Hung Vu, Shakopee, MN

“A very practical clinical approach to palcing implants. given by a doctor that truly loves to teach. After every session I have a turnkey method to perform the next procedure.”

Dr. Franklin Maximo, Cambridge, OH

“This course is ideal for any Dentist interested in placing implants reliably and successfully.”

Dr. Terrance Shutt, Concord, MA

“Thank you Dr. Garg you opened a new specialty for me.”

Dr. Sonalika Rungta, Windsorlocks, CT

“Best Implant course! After taking this course I never thought I would be ready to place implants, but I’ve already ordered all my equipment and have gotten started.”

Dr. Carla Bustillo, Tewksbury, MA

“Awesome speaker and will definitely attend all his presentation on implants.”

Dr. Sheila Poetti, Meriden, CT

“The information and techniques presented are geared toward making you a better clinician.

Dr. Brian Blanchard, Endwell, NY

“Dr. Garg presents material in an unbiased, “non-salesman” style. I appreciate his candor and practicality.”

Dr. Sonny Spera, Binghamton, NY

I could not possibly imagine another course that could impart so much confidence in dental implants. The best part though is the feeling of knowledge that I have a future resource of someone who is always as anxious for me to succeed as I am.”

Dr. Jeremy Sorhus, Kenai, AK

“Best continuing education ever taken!”

Dr. Edward Larkin Springfield, MA

“This seminar gets you ready to place implants on Monday.”

Dr. Thomas Curtin, Avon, MA

“Dr. Garg is so enthusiastic about implants it is really contagious.”

Dr. Steven Chung, Manchester, CT

“I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is looking for an implant course which is programmatic, non-biased and full of current information on implantology.”

Dr. Gagan Mangat Winnipeg, Manitoba (Canada)

“Truly a great teacher, thank you for sharing your knowledge.”

Dr. Evangeline Gatmaitan, New York, NY

“Excellent course with a wealth of knowledge to take back and apply immediately in the office.”

Dr. William Ayotte, Malborough, MA

“I learned more in one weekend, than in my career.”

Dr. Magaly Hughes, New York, NY

“This course is allowing me to take my practice to a level that I did not anticipate achieving; for my patients and personally (for me and my family). Thank you!”

Dr. G. Robin Pruitt Jr. – Vestavia , AL

“This was the single most educational course I have taken since dental school. Well worth my time and money.”

Dr. Aurora Dibner Newington, CT

“Taking this course is the best thing I have done for myself and my practice in a long time.”

Dr. Fred Gilbeaux, Jamesville, NY

“Always an outstanding presentation & lots of take home pearls.”

Dr. Glenn Schmidt, New Orleans, LA

“The best implant program that gives you experience and knowledge to start doing implants, sinus lift, and bone grafts.”

Dr. Matt Rafie, Seattle, WA

“Dr. Garg makes understanding bone grafts so easy that I feel very confident implementing his techniques when I return to my office next week!”

Dr. Nancy Horton, Tampa, FL

“Excellent presentations of clinical techniques along with instrument kits designed to get us going on the exciting journey. Thanks.”

Dr. Daniel Duggan DDS, Bayshore, NY

“Well paced combination of lecture and hands-on instruction…arming me with the skills, care, and judgment to implement procedures that Monday morning when I return to the practice.”

Dr. Arthur Lyford DMD, Hollis, NH

“34 years into practice, implant surgery and the prosthetic procedures now generates 30% of my practice. This has allowed me to thrive in a difficult economy. My practice would be sucking wind without this knowledge and wonderful service for my patients.”

Dr. Randy Mitchmore, Houston, TX

“Phenomenal course, have increased my income level by 50%. Highly recommend it.”

Dr. Ramin Rayhan, Franklyn Square, NY

“Dr. Garg is an excellent resource of research based bottom line treatment that will work. The guesswork and ambiguity of implant treatment is taken away.”

Dr. Matt VanderMolen, Springfield, IL

“Great class for the individual looking for the next level of implant & bone knowledge.”

Dr. Miguel Castillo III, Mission, TX

“Loved your program! Look forward to implementing the seminar immediately.”

Dr. Robert Doyle, Waynesboro, PA

“Dr. Garg is the best combination of brilliance with good common sense I have ever experienced in a speaker.”

Dr. Timothy Thomas, Bristol, TN

“A course where you can apply the techniques the next day in your office, without worry because of lack of experience doing it.”

Dr. Richard Davenport, Medford, OR

“Dr. Garg has taken the time to think of everything in order to make this course able to make every dentist who takes it successful in implantology.”

Dr. Richard Davenport, Medford, OR

“Overall great program for implant starters.”

Dr. Khushwant Singh, Federal Way, WA

“This has been the best deal, dollar-for-dollar of ANY CE I can remember.”

Dr. William Wyatt, Flower Mound, TX

“An Amazing experience! Best CE I have taken in a long time. Dr. Garg prepares you very well.”

Dr. Jeffrey L. Davis, Kilgore, TX

“I’ve learned more in my few days w/ Dr. Garg than I’ve learned in another implant course I took. More clinical applications w/ implant Seminars.”

Dr. Le Trang, Arlington, VA

“Thanks again for demystifying implants! I’m ready to take this and apply it to my practice starting tomorrow!”

Dr.Chris Appleman, Philadelphia, PA

“I thought I knew my restorative, and wasn’t anticipating learning anything new. Boy was I wrong!”

Dr. Francis Shin, Cos Cob, CT

�Excellent overall starter course for me! Thank you!�

Dr.David Browdy, Lynbrook, NY

“Very simple step by step procedures that can increase profits Monday morning! Great support system.”

Dr. Anthony Corello,Westfield, NJ