What I’m about to share with you is the why, the how, the what, and the where of the fascinating story behind the transformational knowledge transfer training I’ve pioneered.

And why I’d like to personally invite you to spend 8 of the most enriching, proficiency-enhancing, and epic days of your entire professional life with me—to totally and successfully transform the rest of your practice career . . .

How to become masterful at implant surgery and add an implant sub-specialty to your general dental practice.

Thirty-five years ago I started on the forefront of implant surgery. At that time, I was the youngest ever Professor of Surgery at the University of Miami, and my colleague and I were recognized as the co-discoverers of PRP.

We were obsessed with uncovering, discovering, developing, and refining breakthrough techniques in dentistry that would enrich and enhance the lives of patients around the world.

I became ruthlessly focused on mastering implant surgery—but back then, almost no one else knew what it was, why it was, and how profound an impact it would have on the practice of dental surgery worldwide.

As my knowledge and skill and proficiency evolved and elevated and rapidly accelerated, I realized I had a responsibility to share the mastery I was attaining with other(who had ability and opportunity) to master it as well. So began my journey into educating doctors in mastering implant surgical procedures.

It’s been a remarkable adventure––one that has involved countless discoveries, breakthroughs, and evolutionary procedural improvements that altogether multiply the predictability and capability of almost any talented general practitioner to become a masterful implant surgeon as well.

That may sound like a brash statement. But facts ARE facts, and so far I have the pride and privilege (and incomparable distinction) of having transformed the lives of over 20,000 doctors, who now perform successful and surprisingly complex implant surgical procedures each and every day in their practices. In fact, my alumni, on average, perform 85% of the implant procedures they used to refer out!

The personal growth and the professional development and satisfaction our masterfully trained doctors report achieving and experiencing is utterly transforming their professional lives.

Welcome to Implant Seminars, the leader in continuing post-graduate dental education. If you haven’t heard about our organization before, then you’re in for a pleasant surprise. It’s not every day that you find a company committed to changing your life!

Our goal is simple but profound: help make you the best dental implantologist possible. That means imparting to you the knowledge – and the confidence – to perform implant and/or related advanced procedures you never thought you’d accomplish.