Dr. Garg’s Blog is Back in Business!
By: Dr. Arun K. Garg

If you’re reading this sentence, chances are you’ve already spent some quality time reviewing Implant Seminars’ comprehensive and newly redesigned website. Hopefully you’ve come away with a powerful conclusion: dentistry (and specifically Implant Dentistry) is an exciting and influential medical subfield.

Yet to the general public, the neighborhood dentist is sometimes considered nothing more than a professional teeth cleaner whose stimulating days include the occasional cavity filling or third molar extraction.

But you and I know better. Increasingly, thanks to a combination of cultural and technological advances, dentistry has evolved far beyond those broad brush views. To a very real extent, dentists (and orthodontists, periodontists, and prosthodontists, among additional specialists) are at the crossroads of multiple disciplines. We are part doctors, part scientists, part professional advisors and confidants, and part artists and tinkerers. Unlike some of Western medicine’s other fields, dentistry preserves a doctor-patient closeness, that in my opinion, improves our standards of care. Whether practicing in large clinics or the more traditional dental home office (offices that still dot numerous suburban communities across the country) dentists often share a patient’s and their family’s ups and downs.

Considering modern dentistry’s rich medical and esthetic context, this blog series aims to be many things to many people. Some of our topics will be more “consumer friendly,” geared toward dental patients, who in Googling dentures and implants, for instance, discovers our website. Other blogs will discuss dentistry from a more clinical perspective, reviewing issues related to bone grafting, implants, imaging techniques, industry trends, continuing education, and more. In the true spirit of blogging, we also won’t be afraid to express our opinions and stand by our convictions. Many of our blogs will be spun off recent news developments that have a medical and/or dental angle.

The point of all this blogging is simple: to generate conversation among our fellow colleagues and peers and to share those ideas across multiple channels, be it the web, mobile web, email, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram… you name it. In keeping with the web’s sharing ethos (respectful) comments are always welcome at the bottom of my posts and I will try to respond to any questions as soon as possible.

So if you can’t tell by now, I’ll come out and say it: I am passionate about implant dentistry (and dentistry in general) and I hope you are too. I look forward to using this communications tool as an exciting way to establish new professional contacts as I learn from your insights and read the responses to your questions and concerns. Like a great classic rock cover band, I’m also happy to entertain topic requests, so feel free to send your ideas by email or list them in your comments below.

Implant Seminars kickoff blog focuses on the value of continuing education for medical professionals and specifically dentists. The article is pegged to the idea that continuing education is now considered a valuable experience for millions of professionals regardless of their expertise.

Done right, dentistry really is about changing lives!

Here’s to a great start and happy reading!