Unwilling to disappoint… Have you taken Implant Seminars’ Dental Implant Continuum™ and thought it was amazing? What about the advanced follow-up course, The Masters Series? Are you now an implant master? What about the Live Patient Program? Have you visited the Dominican Republic with Fundación Dr. Garg and left with newfound confidence and an eagerness to take what you’ve learned and implement it in your practice? If you’ve accomplished all of these things, chances are you’re ready for more! Unwilling to disappoint, Implant Seminars offers a host of additional programs to supplement your skills. Whether it’s the art of extracting blood, known as phlebotomy, computer-guided surgery, oral sedation, or extractions and soft tissue management, these smaller, more focused courses, will help round out your rapidly expanding implant capabilities. Keep the dental implant journey going by signing up today.