It is has become increasingly important for dental surgeons to optimize post-operative healing for their patients. The most widely discussed topic of the decade in achieving this aim is the use of a small amount of a patient’s own blood and concentrating the portions of it that optimize healing and then placing that concentrate into the area required. This procedure has universal applications throughout the medical and dental fields.

Our courses review the science and biology behind autologous blood concentrates in order for clinicians to understand how the process works as well as the indications for proper use. A discussion of the “potpourri” of acronyms, which has sprung up related to this $40 billion-a-year industry, will be provided to eliminate the confusion.

In addition, our two-day course provides a thorough discussion of venipuncture will be provided along with a Venipuncture Hands-On Workshop allowing each participants to feel comfortable performing this procedure in his or her own practice following completion of the course. Clinical usage of this procedure will be discussed for applications in soft tissue grafting, socket preservations, bone grafting, sinus lifts, implant surgery, and Facial Rejuvenation along with a Facial Rejuvenation Hands-On Workshop with participants providing facial rejuvenation procedures on each other or live patients.